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plum tomatoes in Kenmore Mercy roof garden

Hospital food gets zest with herb garden on roof of Kenmore Mercy

by Connie Oswald Stofko Unused space on a roof has been turned into an herb garden at Kenmore Mercy Hospital in Kenmore, and it is adding fresh taste to meals there. “We’re trying to change institutional food,” said Kathy Kubiak-McAlpine, food service manager at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. “We want people to view it in a new light.” “It’s not the same old hospital food,” said Vinny Richter, chef at the hospital, pictured above. Kubiak-McAlpine got the idea for the garden…

Brad and Scott from Buffalo ReUse with cold frame

Make a cold frame to extend growing season

by Connie Oswald Stofko A cold frame is a terrific way to extend the gardening season. These can be used like  mini-greenhouses during the autumn in raised beds to keep lettuce or spinach growing, and in the  spring to keep tender tomato seedlings warm. Buffalo ReUse recently held a free workshop on how to build a cold frame. The workshop was led by Brad Kujawski, left, green space coordinator for ReUse, and Scott Kozak, resource educator for ReUse, right. If…

blogger in Buffalo garden

Bloggers spread the word on Buffalo, the quintessenial gardening community

“Buffalo, New York. The quintessential snow storm city, forever pictured in the minds of out-of-towners as a place where snow is ever present.  Forget about all of that! “Now it’s Buffalo, New York.  The quintessential gardening city, forever pictured in the minds of gardeners and other people as a place where gardens are everywhere. Remember it that way!” That’s a quote from the blog May Dreams Gardens by Carol in Indiana, just one of many blogs extolling the virtues of…

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How to find past articles on

by Connie Oswald Stofko Readers have asked me how they can find articles that have been previously published. There are several  easy ways to do this. To find a particular article You may have heard that a friend’s garden was featured in our magazine, or you may want to go back to an article you remember reading. It’s easy to do using our search box . Scroll about halfway down any page on the web site. You’ll see a small…

black-eyed Susan

Plant exchanges are helpful for both beginning and experienced gardeners

by Connie Oswald Stofko Plant exchanges can be a good way for beginners to get started in gardening. For experienced gardeners, plant exchanges provide a way to find good homes for their excess plants, and perhaps even find something new and unusual for their own gardens. “You tend to see a lot of the same plants, such as daylillies and black-eyed Susans,”  said Peter Arnold, branch manager at the Eggertsville-Snyder Branch Library, who has organized the spring and fall plant…

swing set in large Buffalo yard

Surprisingly large backyard is hidden in Buffalo

by Connie Oswald Stofko There’s plenty of room for the Thomson children to play in this huge backyard in the City of Buffalo. From left are Hunter, 11; Mackenzie, 5, and Evelyn, 8. The Thomsons shared their yard during Garden Walk Buffalo on July 24 and 25, and visitors were amazed that such a large expanse was located at 55 Hodge, not far from Children’s Hospital. The L-shaped yard extends approximately 180 feet away from the back deck, then actually…

Joe Pye Weed Chocolate in Buffalo rain garden

Here are some good native plants for your rain garden

by Connie Oswald Stofko Native plants and flowers are strongly recommended for your rain garden because these plants have the greatest chance of growth and survival in Western New York. Using native plants also means low maintenance– you won’t need to water. Last week, we discussed building a rain garden and how rain gardens help keep our water clean. We showed you the rain garden at the Crane Branch Library in Buffalo, and we promised more information on  plants for…

rain garden at Crane Library Buffalo

Rain gardens are low maintenance, help the environment

by Connie Oswald Stofko Whether you’re striving to protect our natural resources, or you just want to create a low-maintenance garden, a rain garden may be what you’re looking for. Pictured here is a rain garden that was created in June at the Crane Branch Library, 633 Elmwood at the corner of Highland, in Buffalo. As we explained in an article on rain barrels last week, the biggest pollution threat to Lake Erie and the Niagara River is sewage runoff….

tulip from garden exhibit in rare books in Buffalo

Library exhibit looks at historic obsessions with tulips, orchids, roses

by Connie Oswald Stofko Tulips, orchids and roses are flowers that people have enjoyed through history, and at times, interest in these flowers has bordered on obsession, said Amy Pickard, rare books librarian at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. She put together the exhibit “In the Garden: The Art of Botanical Illustration” in the Rare Book Room of the Central Library, 1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo. It is open during regular library hours and can be seen through Sept….

tomatoes organic gardening

A minimalist approach to vegetable gardening

Adventures in Organic Gardening By Laura Sileo-Lepkyj You know the “Set it and forget it” motto on the infomercial? That’s the kind of gardener I am. I set the plant in the ground and forget about it. I describe my method as survival-of-the-fittest gardening. No special coddling, practically zero watering, and certainly no umbrellas set up to protect delicate plants from the sun. Seriously? People actually do that? If it doesn’t survive where I plonk it, it just wasn’t meant…

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