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Container plantings add to charm of Lewiston garden

by Connie Oswald Stofko “Right now there’s not a lot of color with the perennials,” said Marlene Craft. She remedies that situation by making great use of clever container plantings. “I can move things around and get color where I need it,” she explained. Above, the large watering can is filled with licorice (light green) and coleus (red). The yellow plant in the small can is creeping jenny or goldilocks.  Marlene also uses bird cages, carpenters’ tool boxes and other…

Glen Falls in Williamsville NY

Williamsville house came with natural water feature: Glen Falls

by Connie Oswald Stofko Marilyn Dempsey told her husband that she wanted to build a pond in their backyard. “I already bought you this,” Dennis told his wife, pointing to Glen Falls, located just behind their yard. The natural beauty of the majestic falls certainly would have eclipsed any man-made water feature they might have created. The Dempseys shared their view of the falls as well as their lovely gardens during the eighth annual Village of Willamsville Garden Walk on…

Tomaccio dried tomato

Tomaccio: 9-foot plants yield tomatoes that are great for drying

A new tomato this year is the Tomaccio, which has an intense, sugary flavor when eaten fresh or dried. Not only is the fruit supposed to be delicious, but the plant is a stunning specimen for your garden– it can grow to be nine feet tall! The plants at Lockwood’s Greenhouses are already four feet tall, said Teresa Buchanan, general manager. They’re getting clusters of tomatoes, too. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to plant, Buchanan said. In fact,…

emerald ash borer

Emerald ash borer detected here: what you should do

by Connie Oswald Stofko In January, we told you that the emerald ash borer had been detected in regions surrounding the Buffalo area. Now the beetle has been detected in the Olmsted Parks in Buffalo. By the time the beetle has been detected, it has probably been living in the area for three to five years, said Jeremy P. Sayers, board-certified arborist and president of The Tree Doctor. During that time, it has been spreading exponentially and infesting ash trees….

spade in Buffalo NY

New tool library in University Heights serves suburbs, too

A new tool library in the University Heights area of Buffalo serves gardeners in both Buffalo and the suburbs. The tool library is sponsored by the University Heights Collaborative and is part of the Buffalo Tool Library system. The Buffalo Tool Library is a collaborative effort of PUSH Buffalo, Grassroots Gardens, Buffalo ReUse, and now the University Heights Collaborative. The aim is to lend neighbors many of the tools they need to fix up and maintain their homes and gardens….

Variety of Flowers

Potpourri: a mixture of news

Suncatcher’s Garden Club, Genesee County, has many fun events planned, which are open to members and potential members. For more information, call Mrs. LaWall at (585) 345-1640. * Soil, Toil & Thyme Garden Club, Orleans County, has summer events planned, which are open to members or potential members. For more information, call Mrs. Stangland at (585) 589-1640. * The Lancaster Garden Club and the Town of Lancaster dedicated a National Garden Clubs Blue Star Memorial By-way Marker in the Memorial Garden in…

How to keep your iris blooms from tipping over

Art Aigner, a reader from Elma, asked, “How do I prevent my iris blooms from laying over?” Mark Van Buren of  Zehr’s on the Lake Farm Market and Nursery offered a couple solutions. The problem may be that that the rhizome or root or “toe” of the plant isn’t deep enough. Van Buren said that 50 percent of the rhizome should be exposed and 50 percent should be under the soil. He suggested staking the iris with small bamboo stakes…

garden gate from Kerry Ann Mendez

Your plants aren’t your children: advice for low-maintenance gardens

by Connie Oswald Stofko Kerry Ann Mendez, garden designer, author and consultant, will kick off the festivities for the National Garden Festival on Friday, June 24 with a talk on “Tips for Low-maintenance, High-impact Perennial Gardens.” You can also join her that day for a tour of the perennials and shrubs at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. (See details of the opening day activities at the end of this article.) Mendez has written two books. The Ultimate Flower…

completed container garden using Hollywood pop and drop technique

Container gardens: ‘Hollywood pop & drop’ and 3 more tips

by Connie Oswald Stofko Container gardens are great for decks, porches, patios, or anywhere that you need a touch of color. Mark Van Buren, owner of  Zehr’s on the Lake. offers four tips for keeping your containers looking beautiful all season long. Tip #1: The “Hollywood pop and drop” For quick color, try the technique Van Buren calls the “Hollywood pop and drop.” Buy a large hanging basket and a large container. Instead of filling the container with soil, just…

QueenMoonstone rose in Western New York

June’s birthday flower is the rose, called the world’s favorite flower

by Connie Oswald Stofko Feel fortunate if your birthday is in June. Your birthday flower is the rose, which is called the world’s favorite flower, according to an exhibit last summer at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. Roses were in such high demand during the 17th century that royalty used roses and rose water as legal tender to purchase other items or to pay debts. Luckily, today even we common folk can buy roses as cut flowers or…

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