Indoor & outdoor plant tasks, plus more news from Master Gardeners

Every month, the Master Gardeners of Erie County share great information through WNY Gardening Matters, their online publication. January is a time for planning for the coming season. In “This Month in the Garden,” the Master Gardeners give us some direction for our planning. In the same article, get tips for houseplants as well as a list of gardening tasks you can do now. Another article, “Taking Boxwood Disease Seriously,” alerts us to a problem that could affect these common…

halloween-miniature garden in cauldron

Make a spooky miniature garden at Mischler’s

Add a new dimension to your Halloween decorating with a spooky miniature garden during a workshop at Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouses, 118 South Forest Rd., Williamsville. The same workshop will be held at 10 a.m. and again at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8. Choose from a variety of succulent plants along with bits of nature to create a unique centerpiece for your holiday celebration. Take your child or grandchild, friend or neighbor to share in this unique gardening experience of…

succulents reflecting Ensor Fireworks

Succulents become works of art at the Botanical Gardens; exhibit starts Saturday

by Connie Oswald Stofko You may have seen succulents displayed vertically on a wall– we showed you a framed arrangement with a mirror  that the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens used in its succulents show a few years ago. This year the folks at the Botanical Gardens thought it would be cool to create arrangements that look like abstract art, said Kristin Pochopin, director of horticulture at the Botanical Gardens. John Santomieri, horticulturist, suggested they take some of the…

outdoor rooms in Black Rock Riverside Buffalo NY

Riverside gardener packs a lot into small yard

by Connie Oswald Stofko Three-quarters of the space in Sue Tronolone’s small backyard is taken up by the garage, driveway and above-ground pool, but you should see what she does with the space she has left. Tronolone shared her landscape on the Black Rock & Riverside Tour of Gardens during both the daytime tour and the Starry Night Garden Tour. Both events were held on Aug. 6. It was the last garden walk of the season. The focal point of…

old shopping cart used as container garden in Niagara Falls

Shopping carts become mobile gardens in Niagara County; gardening classes set

Here’s  a clever idea for a container garden: an old shopping cart. It’s part of Grow on the Go, a mobile garden project through Cornell Cooperative Extension based in Niagara Falls. The idea is to help Niagara Falls residents grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment where they may be living in an apartment with no greenspace. They may lack sunlight and gardening equipment, and they may not know how to garden. Using shopping carts allows the garden to…

gardens and Irish flag at front of house in Tonawanda

‘Lazy gardener’ shares tips on how he created Irish pub in backyard

by Connie Oswald Stofko It’s an Irish pub. It’s an outdoor living room. And it has gardens. That’s what you encounter when you visit Michael Ryan’s backyard on Englewood Ave., Tonawanda. It’s the party place for his family and friends. Visitors are amazed and assume he must spend lots of time maintaining his landscape, but he insists that he’s a lazy gardener who uses lots of short cuts. “It’s two weeks of work at the beginning of the season, then…

dichondra in window box in Amherst NY

Now is time to get annuals– along with advice you didn’t even know you needed!

by Connie Oswald Stofko It was well into June when I finally turned my attention to the window boxes on my front porch, which is the main point of interest in my plain front yard. It seemed like every other gardener in Western New York had their pots of annuals out already, and I felt like I was running behind. But what I learned was that waiting until June to go to your local garden center can work to your…

vegetables herbs and flowers in pot in West Seneca

Why you should plant veggies in containers, plus a shocking tip on caring for veggies!

by Connie Oswald Stofko First of all, there is still time to plant vegetables. The best time to plant vegetables is the first week in June until about June 10, said Jen Weber, retail manager at Mike Weber Greenhouses, 42 French Rd., West Seneca. The ground is warm, the nights are warm and the danger of frost has passed. So yes, you still have time to plant vegetables, but do it soon–The Fourth of July is too late, she said….

straw bale gardening

Save those straw bales; grow vegetable plants in them next spring

by Connie Oswald Stofko If you are using a straw bale in your autumn decorations, don’t throw it away! You can grow tomatoes and other vegetables in it next spring. I saw photos of the technique called straw bale gardening on the Vegetable Gardeners of WNY Facebook page. I was delighted that Gina and Tony Kruzel allowed me to visit their Kenmore home early in October to see what they had done. They decided to try straw bale gardening because…

osteopermum by Stofko

What you can do in your early autumn garden in Western New York

by Connie Oswald Stofko That muggy weather we’ve had this past week made it feel more like July than September. But Labor Day is over and kids are headed back to school. That makes many people think the gardening season is over. No it’s not! Here are a few reminders of things you can do in the garden now and for the next few weeks. Start a new garden Many people think spring is the perfect time to start a…