garlic braid in Lockport NY

Learn how to braid garlic from Lockport gardener

Keep garlic handy and add a decorative element to your kitchen when you make this ornament by braiding freshly picked heads of garlic. Jim Gugliuzza demonstrated the craft during Lockport in Bloom on July 7 and 8 at his home at 684 Walnut St., Lockport, where he has a 700-foot lot with large vegetable gardens. Gugliuzza planted 12 kinds of garlic this year. Garlic is usually harvested around July 10, but he pulled some early to show us his braiding…

Ricardo Costa floral arrangement

Use Rio flair– & toilet paper roll– to create this flower arrangement

Ricardo Costa, internationally renowned floral designer from Brazil, used a toilet paper roll and yarn to quickly create this fabulous flower arrangement with the flavor of Rio de Janeiro. See the video below. This was one of several arrangements he created during a presentation at the national convention of National Garden Clubs Inc. in Buffalo earlier this month. Previously, I gave you a glimpse of the flower show that was held at the convention and in future articles I’ll share…

vertical gardens in Buffalo NY area

Vertical gardens add color to a fence or wall; great for small spaces

Vertical gardens are a great way to add color to a fence or wall. They’re terrific if you don’t have much space for gardening. With vertical gardening, you could install an herb garden right outside your kitchen door, and vertical gardens can be used inside, too. The trick to the vertical garden is the container. It’s basically a shallow box divided into smaller cells. Each cell has a slanted bottom that keeps the soil and plant in place.You can buy…

plant tags by Anne Gareis in Buffalo NY

Make plant tags for your Buffalo-area garden

Right now you may be able to name all the plants in your garden, but next season, will you still know what’s what? Make these sturdy plant tags and you’ll definitely be able to keep track of your perennials. You can keep the tags outside all winter and, unlike flimsy plastic tags that get trampled by rabbits or pushed over by heavy snow, these wooden plant labels will still be standing in spring. Best of all, they’re so pretty that…

Rachel Gordetsky in Buffalo NY

Are you growing poisonous plants?

Are you growing poisonous plants? If you have foxglove, hydrangea or even tomato plants, the answer is yes! In this video, Rachel Gorodetsky, Pharm.D., clinical assistant professor at D’Youville College in Buffalo, discusses common garden plants and indoor plants that can be poisonous when eaten. Her presentation was part of the kick-off event for the medicinal gardens at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens….

Corn seedlings bend toward the light.

The Unstill Life of Plants: Get a look at all the movement you’ve missed

Gardeners don’t think of plants as moving creatures. After all, plants can’t pull up their roots and scoot over to a more pleasant spot in the garden. But plants do move.  Plants stretch and bow and bend as they search for light, and they move in other ways, too. Unfortunately for us, their movements are so slow that we miss their graceful dance. With the help of time-lapse photography, you’ll get an amazing look at the plant world during “The…

David Clark rose class in Hamburg NY

Learn about growing and tending roses in Buffalo area

by Connie Oswald Stofko Growing roses in the Buffalo area isn’t as hard as some people think. In the video below, David Clark, professional horticulturist, gives quick tips on selecting roses, caring for roses and managing pests. Want more in-depth information? Clark will give a class on the topic at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Lockwood’s Greenhouses, 4484 Clark St., Hamburg. The cost for the class is $12. For reservations, call 649-4684 or visit the shop….