Hypertufa: additional tips on using this material to make planters

Brierly explains hypertufa in Buffalo NYHypertufa is a concrete-like material that you can use to make planters that can stay outside all winter. In December, Anne Brierley of the Parkside area of Buffalo took us through the steps of making a hypertufa planter.

But she had so many great tips, we couldn’t squeeze them all into one video. In the video below, Brierley gives tips on using leaves to make impressions, talks about coloring hypertufa and goes into more detail on the process of making items with hypertufa.

3 Comments on “Hypertufa: additional tips on using this material to make planters

  1. Nancy, I talked to Anne Brierley and here’s her reply:
    “It’s such a porous material that I’m not sure about that. I’ve seen things that hold water. I’ve made bird baths—I water proof them with Thompson’s water seal—and they seem to be all right. But if it’s immersed in water all the time, I’m not sure. It could crack. Make sure you water seal it. If it falls apart, you can just make it again—or not!”

  2. Great video. Exciting to see Anne. I have purchased a few of her beautiful pieces at the craft show held before Christmas at a Parkside church. Very talented and creative.

  3. Love the instructions & hints on your videos. I took a hypertufa class at the Botanical Gardens several years ago & the 2 pots that I made are still going strong. There are succulents in them year round, although I do bring them into the garage in winter.
    I have a question for you. Do you know if you can use hypertufa containers as the base for a waterfall &/or a small pond? Water would be in the containers only during non-freezing weather.
    Thanks for your help.

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