Today’s video demonstration: Make a larger & more complex fall planter

fall planter in barrel in Amherst NYLast week Colleen Morrissey of Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouses showed us how to make a super simple fall planter as well as a hanging fall planter in nontraditional colors.

Today she demonstrates a more complex project: how to plant a very large container garden using a whiskey barrel planter.

Morrissey packs in a large number of plants, which is a key to making the planter look full and lush.

Here’s a tip: It’s nice to have a large variety of plants on hand so that you can add more as the design develops, she said. Treat it like an art piece.

Today’s video is below.

To see suggested plants for fall containers, check out last week’s video on making fall containers.

2 Comments on “Today’s video demonstration: Make a larger & more complex fall planter

  1. I think seeing it done helps people get an idea of what they can do. Sometimes it’s the simple things– oh, you can use a mum in a planter with other plants? As simple as that is, it’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. I also tend to be too skimpy when I plant containers. Colleen does a great job showing us what to do, and she explains things well, too.

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