Williamsvile gardener rescues plants from demolition sites

When a house or other building is being razed, wonderful flowers, shrubs, vines and bulbs are often destroyed in the process.

Elise Fila of Williamsville doesn’t like to see those plants go to waste. She rescues the plants to use in parks as well as in her own garden.

I visited Fila during the Williamsville Garden Tour, which was held Saturday, July 20.

Watch the video below to get a few tips on how you can get free plants by rescuing them from demolition sites.

4 Comments on “Williamsvile gardener rescues plants from demolition sites

  1. I love this idea……….I would like to do the same!How can i get in touch with You? BARB

  2. Isn’t it a great concept? I never would have thought of going to demolition sites to rescue plants. Yes, the sound was uneven in spots. Chalk that up to filming outside during the rain.

  3. What a great project saving and reusing the plants. So nice she can place them in local parks. The video did have some problems with sound going in and out.

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