Blizzard of 2022 in Western New York

hand pointing to sun
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

by Connie Oswald Stofko

While other parts of Western New York had winter storm conditions last week, areas around Buffalo had blizzard conditions.

It was sad for some people because they couldn’t celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Others were worse off, trapped in their homes without electricity or heat. Still others were trapped in their cars. About 40 people died. My heart goes out to those who suffered.

I wasn’t planning to publish again until Jan. 17, but I feel I have to acknowledge this extreme event.

Local, national and international news outlets ran stories of people who helped in big ways, but I know people helped in small ways, too. They checked on neighbors. They helped each other clear driveways and sidewalks when the blizzard subsided. (Shout out to my own neighbors!) People did whatever they could.

This is not the only heartbreaking event that we have faced this year. The racial shooting in May can’t be forgotten. Even then people stepped up to do what they could to provide comfort. A couple months later, gardeners in that neighborhood welcomed visitors on the East Side Garden Walk, bringing people together.

No matter what comes our way, let’s continue to reach out to each other. That’s what gardeners and neighbors do.

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