Buy, order or make art for your garden

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Buy it from an artist. Commission something that fits in with the theme of your garden. Or make it yourself.

As you’re planning next year’s garden, consider integrating art into your landscape.

art work by Mike O at Yartworks in Cheektowaga New York
“Mousetrap,” a piece by Mike O of Yartworks, is displayed in the landscape of Brian and Beth Kreutzer in Cheektowaga. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

Buy garden art

Beth and Brian Kreutzer of Cheektowaga, who share their landscape on Open Gardens, happily display a metal sculpture by Mike O of Yartworks titled “Mousetrap.”

“I bought it at one of the first Buffalo Style Garden Art Sales,” Beth said.

They also have a second sculpture by Mike O called “Birds Flying Up,” which reminds them of airplanes.

“That’s appropriate since we live by the airport,” she said.

welcome sign in garden in Amherst New York
The welcome sign is done in a font designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Jim Bardot ordered it with his house number to accompany his Wright-themed gardens in Amherst. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

Order garden art

Jim Bardot of Amherst has seven gardens in his large front yard and most of the beds show the influence of the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

To tie into the Wright theme, Bardot ordered a welcome sign with his house number that is done in a font designed by Wright.

See more views of Bardot’s gardens here and see how statues and negative space can add to your garden.

objects on fence in garden in Buffalo NY
Hand tools are among the objects on this display created by Jim Charlier in Buffalo. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

Make your own garden art

Jim Charlier of Buffalo took inspiration from the artist Louise Nevelson when he created this black, three-dimensional collage on his fence. It includes two water features, one at each end. Buffalo artist Bruce Marzahn created something similar several years ago.

See Charlier’s creativity in the most famous shed in the world.

Charlier, with Sally Cunningham, wrote the book Buffalo-Style Gardens.

wall collage in garden in Buffalo NY
This is the other part of Jim Charlier’s three-dimensional collage. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

4 Comments on “Buy, order or make art for your garden

  1. You could probably feature garden art every newsletter and never run out! It’s nice to have a constant in the garden while flowering plants are here so briefly! Among my favorites are birdbaths, gargoyle statues, copper and glass work by David Cyr and hypertufa and cement garden art by Anne Brierley.

  2. Hi Jim, I made an assumption because your wall reminded me so much of what I saw in Bruce Marzahn’s landscape. Thank you for setting me straight and for introducing us to Louise Nevelson. Her work is inspiring!

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