Join Audubon’s Christmas bird count to help scientists

turkey vulture in Tonawanda NY
Turkey vulture. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

You can help scientists learn how birds are faring in Western New York by volunteering for Audubon’s 123rd Christmas Bird Count. It’s one of the longest-running wildlife censuses in the world. 

Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count will take place between Wednesday, Dec. 14 and Thursday, Jan. 5.  

Each individual count takes place over the course of 24 hours, in a 15-mile-wide circle, and is led by a compiler responsible for organizing volunteers and submitting observations directly to Audubon. Participation is free.

Within each circle, participants tally all birds seen or heard that day—both the species count and the total numbers of each, to provide a clear idea of the health of that particular population.

If your home is within the boundaries of a bird count, you can stay at home and report the birds that visit your feeder on count day as long as you have made prior arrangement with the count compiler.

See more about birds and conservation Audubon.

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  1. Hi Christine, click on the links within the article. Those links will take you to the Audubon website where you will find all the details about the bird count. I hope that helps.

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