Arrange flowers from your own garden with this how-to video

If you have perennial gardens, your showy flowers may be at their blooming peak. Learn how to arrange flowers from your own garden in this easy-to-follow video.

Maggie Wittmer, professional floral designer at Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouses in Williamsville, shows us how to select flowers from the garden and how to arrange them in a pleasing way.

If you don’t have flowers to pick, now is the time to plant flowering perennials for next year. Stop in to Mischler’s to see their selection.

Of course, there are times during the year when there just aren’t any flowers to use from our own gardens. You can order professionally created arrangements from Mischler’s and have them delivered, too.

4 Comments on “Arrange flowers from your own garden with this how-to video

  1. I made two arrangements also using flowers from my yard
    And the big hosta leaves work really well! Post another arrangement ! 🙂

  2. Using hosta leaves as a base for an arrangement is a brilliant idea. I’ve used tips from this video on 2 arrangements already. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Very nice floral video! Gave me a lot of pointers I was not doing to my arrangements! Thank you for showing it!

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