Welcome to my new subscribers, question on groundhogs & more

Welcome to all my new subscribers I had a great time at Plantasia last week, and I was delighted to be able to meet so many of my current readers. Thanks for stopping by my booth to say hello! I also want to welcome all my new subscribers. A whopping 515 people signed up! Thank you all. Remember that you can join the conversation by leaving a comment on any of our articles. You can also share pictures of your…

yellow evergreens from Kristen Reumann

Q&A: What’s turning these evergreens yellow?

Occasionally we post questions from our readers. This reader has asked around and hasn’t been able to find anyone who knows what’s wrong with her trees. If you can help, please leave a comment below. “These are my pine trees that have turned yellow. This is the third year they’ve been yellow. I’d hate to have to cut them down but they have become rather unsightly. No one seems to know what is wrong with them. The needles are holding…

rose in garden of Helen Waterhouse in Amherst NY

Q&A: roses, black-eyed Susans & sunchokes

Every so often, I get questions from readers that I can’t answer. That’s no surprise; when it comes to gardening, I am just a hobbyist. I’m able to bring you great information each week because I can interview people who know more than I do. So when I get questions I can’t answer, I turn to my readers for help. If you can offer advice on any of the questions below, please leave a comment below. And if you’re interested…

bamboo and fountain in Niagara County

What should she do about neighbor’s bamboo?

From time to time, we post a question and ask for input from our readers. If you have an idea on how to help, please leave a comment. I hope you can help with a gardening concern I have. My neighbor has bamboo growing in their front yard. Right now it’s sending shoots out into just their yard. However, I’m terrified it will creep into my yard. I’ve read some scary things online about bamboo. Can you tell me how…

ant on peony by Donna Brok Niagara Falls NY

Questions & answers: Leeks gone wild, antsy peony bushes, & more

Today we have a returning question and three new questions. Can you help these readers? If you have a suggestion for any of them, please leave a comment below.   Question #1: Leeks gone wild All of a sudden, I have wild leeks growing throughout my gardens.  Last year they were in one section, now they are everywhere.  I have to dig down up to 8 inches to get the bulbs but they still come back.  How do I get rid…

hosta leaves in Buffalo NY

Questions and answers about gardening: holey hostas and more

I’m trying something new today. Let me know what you think. Occasionally readers contact me with specific gardening questions. Since I’m not an expert gardener, I often can’t answer the question myself, so I try to seek out someone who can. Did you know you can use the same resources I use when trying to answer questions? Often I call the Master Gardeners with Cornell Cooperative Extension Erie County at (716) 652-5400. These knowledgeable volunteers are available from 9 a.m….

rose in bloom in Lancaster NY

Can this damaged rose be saved?

by Connie Oswald Stofko Debbie Hageman of Lancaster e-mailed us this question: “I’m looking for information on winter damage for a rose (I think it’s an old fashioned rose) that split where the two main canes come together. Can they be glued or taped? Thanks for any information.” Yes, they can be taped, answered John Farfaglia, Extension educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Niagara County. “Basically you want to get those two pieces to hold together long enough for the…