Reminder: Keep watering your plants

rain barrel pouring water into used milk jug
The rain barrels at our house are getting empty. We need some rain! Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko, hand model is Phil Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Blue skies! Highs in the 80s! What more could we want in Western New York?

We might be celebrating, but are your plants happy?

We haven’t had much rain in the past month, plus we’ve had hot, breezy conditions. That sucks the moisture out of the soil. Make sure you are watering often enough.

Concentrate your watering efforts on these plants:

  • Vegetable plants that are still producing.
  • New perennials that you have planted recently–you want to make sure they build a solid root system before the soil freezes.
  • Trees and shrubs planted this year.
  • Decorative annuals that still look good.
  • Any plant that is precious to you.

See the U.S. Drought Monitor here. Most of Western New York is abnormally dry, while Wyoming County has moderate drought.

Rain should come later this week in Western New York, including Wyoming County. But don’t sit inside and wait for rain. Make this your gardening motto: Water when it rains and water when it doesn’t.

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