Help a reader: squirrels eating apples

photo illustration of squirrels in apple tree
Photo illustration by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

I received this question from a reader:

Hello, we have two semi-dwarf apple trees in our yard. I think an entire colony of squirrels have been eating apples on the tree. Any ideas to stop them would be appreciated.

Kara Stimson

I haven’t experienced this problem, but maybe you have.

How did you deal with this problem? Any suggestions?

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7 Comments on “Help a reader: squirrels eating apples

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  2. I used cayenne pepper before to keep rabbits away from my plants … I’m guessing it’ll keep squirrels away too. Birds do not have taste buds, so the pepper and chili powder do not affect them.

  3. Like a lot of plants that get targeted for apparent mischief vs sustenance, mixing up garlic and soapy neem water into a spray seems like a place to start. Hopefully, you can wash the bad taste back off at Apple harvest. Squirrels went after my tomatoes for the first time in 25 years this fall, and the spray stopped them from taking a bite of each one.

  4. Send those squirrels over to my black walnut tree! Seriously, are they destroying all the apples? Eating a bite of every one. Like deer, who can eat every hosta flower and leaf. I used to be frustrated by this as well. But, I try to look at them as creatures who are native here. I ask myself were you going to use all of them? Are they damaging the tree? Are they causing other problems? They are kind of cute and fun to watch, (except when they hanging from my birdfeeder), so, can we live together? It is a struggle.

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