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Spigelia marilandica or Indian pink
Spigelia marilandica or Indian pink. Photo courtesy Chris Evans, University of Illinois, Bugwood.org

Master Gardener Lyn Chimera introduces us to a perennial with a pretty red and yellow flower called Spigelia marilandica or Indian pink in the newest edition of WNY Gardening Matters.

While not native to Western New York, Indian pink is native to the southern United States.

“This is a wonderful, unusual and pest-free plant,” Chimera wrote. “Hummingbirds love it, deer don‘t and it’s beautiful too!”

It also attracts hummingbirds.

“What’s not to like?” she wrote.

See the whole article here.

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8 Comments on “A cool perennial & more from WNY Gardening Matters

  1. I was looking for something different for my perennial garden, and spotted this Indian Pink (also called “Little Redhead” on the tag) at Gullo’s last spring. It’s doing beautifully and I cut it back a bit to deadhead last month and new growth and flowers have appeared!

  2. I purchased my Indian Pink three Seasons ago at the Wayside Nursery outside of the Rochester area.
    I just LOVE it too, so cool looking!

  3. Fall is usually the best time to plant perennials as they can set in some roots before the winter and be ready to go in the spring. If you can’t find the plant however, spring is fine. That’s when I planted mine.

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