Take part in Invasive Species Challenge; focus is on 4 species

jumping worm Amynthas
The mature jumping worm (genus Amynthas) can be identified by its characteristic smooth, often milky white clitellum (the band near the head of the worm). The common European earth worm has a raised or saddleshaped, segmented clitellum that is darker in color. Photo courtesy Susan Day / UW–Madison Arboretum

Be a citizen scientist by participating in the NY iMapInvasives team’s 5th Annual Invasive Species Mapping Challenge from June 24 – July 8.

Four species will be the focus of this year’s challenge:

You can help map the distributions of these species. 

An introductory webinar will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 24. The webinar will cover the identification of these species and how you can participate. Visit iMap’s website for more information and to register.

There’s a friendly competition, too. Participants can track their standing on leaderboards once the challenge is live, and first-place contributors will win small prizes. 

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