Secluded deck provides sanctuary in South Buffalo

deck in backyard in South Buffalo
This deck area is what Sally Tucker calls her sanctuary. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
garden beds in South Buffalo
Here is a view of garden beds looking toward Sally’s sanctuary. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Today I want to share some photos from the landscape of Sally and Paul Tucker of South Buffalo to give you inspiration for your own gardens. I visited them last July during South Buffalo Alive.

Before we talk about the Tuckers’ yard, I know you are wondering what is happening with garden walks this year. My understanding is that two of the garden walks that take place early in the season, Lewiston GardenFest and Springville Garden Walk, have been canceled. We have our fingers crossed that other garden walks and activities of Gardens Buffalo Niagara will be held in 2020.

For now, let’s enjoy these views from last year.

A highlight of the backyard is what the Tuckers call Sally’s sanctuary. It’s a deck at the rear of the yard that is hidden by plantings.

“You would never know it was back here,” Sally said. She loves to read in this secluded place.

When the Tuckers moved in 12 years ago, they encountered a grassless front yard that was messy and overgrown. While many people enjoy the look of grassless front yards, the Tuckers decided it was too difficult for them to maintain. They decided instead to have small garden beds in front and to restore the lawn.

Their feeling is that they don’t want gardening to be such a huge chore that it takes the pleasure out of it.

The backyard was also overgrown. Weeds grew not only around the plants but into the roots of the plants. They were able to save some lilies and hostas.

They created new beds. When they install plants, they leave some space in between so the plants don’t grow into each other. You’ll notice they use mulch to help keep weeds down, too.

view from deck in backyard in South Buffalo
Here is the relaxing view of the backyard from the deck that the Tuckers call Sally’s sanctuary. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
garden bed with shrubs in South Buffalo
A huge tree covered in vines, center, and large shrubs on the right anchor this garden bed. A smaller tree is on the left. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
seating and fire pit in South Buffalo
Chairs around the fire pit create one of several seating areas in the yard. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

13 Comments on “Secluded deck provides sanctuary in South Buffalo

  1. yes. we want to hear the secret to how the Tuckers got the edging so crisp w/o compacting the adjacent lawn.

  2. What a beautiful garden!!! I, too, want to know how to make that beautiful edging. Please check with The Tucker’s, kudos to them for allowing their garden photos to be shared with others.

  3. I would like to ask how they learned to make the beautiful edging I see in the pictures. I would love to be able to do edging in my garden the same way. Can you ask them where they learned how to edge?

  4. I’ve visited this garden and told my hosts,Sally & Paul, that it was the most beautiful home garden I’d ever seen. It’s truly enchanting and inviting.

  5. Gorgeous! Relaxing just to look at the beautiful setting. Can almost smell a clean fresh crisp slightly moist air… Well done!!!

  6. Dear Connie,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our yard and posting these beautiful photos.
    Although we work in the yard together
    it is Paul who puts in the extra hours to get it to the next level. Look forward to seeing you again. Stay safe, Paul and Sally Tucker

  7. Lovely! Thank you for sharing and brightening my day!! So looking forward to the colorful flowers of summer!

  8. I agree with Maxine . . . the photos make you think of warm summer days, not the gloomy days we’ve been having. Thanks for sharing.

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