What are you thankful for as a gardener?

butterfly on daisies
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Here in Western New York, we gardeners have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s my list, and I hope you’ll share your own thoughts in a comment below.

  • I’m thankful that we got plenty of rain this season. I rarely had to water. Gardeners I talked to were thrilled that their perennials were so big and healthy!
  • There are so many garden walks and Open Gardens during the summer in Western New York that no one can visit every garden! And throughout the year, there are exhibits, presentations, classes and hands-on workshops — again, who could attend them all? What a wonderful problem we gardeners have!
  • I’m grateful that I saw more butterflies in my yard this year. Maybe the native plants I have added, such as joe-pye weed and varieties of milkweed, are helping to attract them. I had lots of opportunities to photograph them elsewhere, too.
  • When we gardeners have a question, there are so many places to turn to. Master Gardeners from Cornell Cooperative Extension can help you identify plants, insects and plant ailments. Members of plant societies, such as Western New York Rose Society, WNY Hosta Society, African Violet and Gesneriads Society of WNY and Buffalo Area Daylily Society, are happy to share their knowledge at their meetings, at events and even through Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com. Check out garden clubs, too. Any meetings that are listed on our Events page are open to the public. Those are all wonderful resources that we shouldn’t take for granted.
  • My neighbor saves her autumn leaves for me!
  • We have many local garden centers, landscapers and other green businesses to help us keep our gardens wonderful. They all offer different plants, merchandise and services, so there’s a lot to choose from! (Check out our Gardening Directory.)
  • Gardeners are friendly and helpful, and just a delight to talk with. I feel happy anytime I have the opportunity to be with gardeners!

21 Comments on “What are you thankful for as a gardener?

  1. Most of all I am thankful that at age 79 I am still able to do all my own gardening (which is extensive) and also volunteer in 3 other local park gardens. I agree with all the other things people mentioned in earlier emails of thankfulness as there is too much to write here.

  2. Jackie, I love to knit while I binge-watch TV in winter! As soon as the days get longer and warmer, the knitting gets puts away and the TV goes off.

  3. I’m grateful for winter when we ALL get to rest, recuperate and binge-watch our favorite shows missed the past 3 seasons!!!!

  4. Thankful for local farmers that always seem to succeed with their crops when our efforts fall short. (I just harvested the puniest Brussels sprouts you’ve ever seen) Thankful for the generous gardeners I’ve met over the years and thankful for this newsletter and the many links to help when needed. Thanks, Connie!

  5. Connie…you listed a lot of great reasons I should have thought of. Basically I’m grateful for the joy that the colors my garden gave me this year and the ability I have to still garden on a limited basis.

  6. Thankful for the many gardeners that open up their gardens to us each year. Thankful for having the health to be able to Garden.

  7. Whoops…. strong plants not sting! Auto correct gave me grief over plant name but didn’t catch that. And I am also on the porch, relaxing after after a long day in the garden w/ a nice grape product in hand

  8. I’m grateful that gardeners are such generous and supportive people! many plants in my garden were gifted to me and I love when I see my babies thriving in another garden. I saw Tithonia aka Mexican sunflower at Garden Walk two years ago and added it to my want list. I bought a small pack at the annual Botanical Gardens sale and I was overwhelmed! Tall sting plants with vibrant orange flowers that attracted butterflies and hummingbirds! I’m glad I planted them in front of my porch so my husband could enjoy them. And hopefully I”ll be able to share seeds next spring🦋🌺

  9. I am thankful to live in a climate that allows Spring bulbs. And that 99% of the stinkbugs seem to have disappeared this past summer.

  10. I LOVE living in WNY, which I have my entire life. I LOVE my perinneal gardens, which come back every year bigger and better. I LOVE connie’s free newsletter, with the many useful articles and things to do!!! I LOVE the plants and greenery, that will grow and flourish in our area, if taken care of properly, thanks again to Connie”s articles. I LOVE the pictures added to the articles, showing what other people do, to make their space special.

  11. Thankful for my husband and all his help in our garden. Thankful for the beautiful garden we have which keeps expanding each year. Thankful for Garden Walks and Open Gardens which give us so many ideas to try and the gardeners who are so willing to share information. Thank for 4 Seasons, don’t think I would be happy with less than 4. Thankful for the new plants that are available each year at our many nurseries/garden centers discovered popcorn plant and cola plant this year. Thank you Connie for your newsletter. Amen

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