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path in garden at Plantasia 2019 by Chevalier and Luminated Landscapes
A path meanders through the garden created by Chevalier Outdoor Living and Luminated Landscapes at Plantasia 2019 last week. The curving lines give a peaceful and relaxing feel to the garden, and the path takes you to a focal point—the seating area. In your garden beds, think beyond annuals and perennials. Notice the use of shrubs, including some that flower. Don’t forget the trees! Chevalier and Luminated Landscapes won three awards including Overall Best of Show. Photo courtesy Chevalier Outdoor Living

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Local landscapers created gardens at Plantasia this past weekend around the theme of “Plantasia in Paradise.”

Various awards were announced at Preview Night on Wednesday. Throughout the rest of the show, visitors were invited to vote for their favorite landscaped garden. It was difficult for many people. I heard one after another say, “Oh, but they were all so good!”

After all the votes were counted, Tripi’s Landscaping came out on top and received the People’s Choice Award.

Here are photos of the landscapes that won various awards. Check them out to see what tips you can use in your own landscape.

And when you’re looking for a landscaper or other garden-related business, check out our Gardening Directory.

sailboat in garden by Tripi's Landscaping at Plantasia 2019
The sailboat with its colorful sails caught many visitors’ attention in the Tripi Landscaping garden. What could you use in your garden that is colorful and fun? Even if you have a small garden, a large boulder could be a focal point and provide casual seating. Tripi’s won two awards including the People’s Choice Award. Photo courtesy Tom Mitchell
Water feature at Plantasia 2019 by The Cutting Edge
Water features are a wonderful addition to a landscape. They provide the element of sound to your garden and can be helpful to birds and other wildlife. This was created by The Cutting Edge, who won Best Water Feature (Small) and Best Garden (Small). Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
Beautiful River garden at Plantasia 2019
You don’t need flowers to have color in your garden. Green is a color, and the many shades of green foliage look lively when mixed with the burgandy leaves of the heuchera. Pots can add color, too. Beautiful River Landscape Design won Best Use of Color. Photo by Tom Mitchell
looking through door to garden at Plantasia 2019 created by Dore
We enjoy spending time outside in our yard, but think about the view from inside as well. Dore Landscape Associates received Best Use of Plant Material (Small Garden). Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
garden by S&K and DeGroff at Plantasia 2019
Is your garden flat? Add interest by creating levels in your landscape and using plants of varying heights. This is a glimpse of the landscape created by S&K Property Services and DeGroff Outdoor, which received Best Garden (Large). Photo by
beached boat in Menne garden at Plantasia 2019
An element of a Buffalo-style garden is the use of quirky objects in the landscaping. This garden has a garden bed flowing out of a beached boat. Menne Garden Artistry won Best Use of Hardscapes (Small Garden). Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko
huge water feature by Chevalier and Luminated Landscapes at Plantasia 2019
Go bold in your garden. A water feature can be something you look up at. This garden was created Chevalier Outdoor Living and Luminated Landscapes, who won three awards including Best Water Feature (Large) and Best Use of Plant Material (Large Garden). Photo courtesy Chevalier Outdoor Living
built-in grill by Tripi's at Plantasia
Think about how you use your yard. If you entertain, you might want a built-in grill and food preparation area. Tripi’s Landscaping won two awards including Best Use of Hardscapes (Large Garden). Photo courtesy Tripi’s Landscaping

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