Design & build a pollinator house, enter new competition

image for 2019 Pollinator House competition

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Garden Walk Buffalo, the Buffalo Architecture Foundation has partnered with Gardens Buffalo Niagara to launch the 2019 Pollinator House Design-Build Competition.

This unique design-build competition encourages participants to submit a functional, contemporary pollinator house. The houses will be displayed during Garden Walk Buffalo and then auctioned off to support the programs of both Gardens Buffalo Niagara and the Buffalo Architecture Foundation.

The competition seeks to bring awareness to the wide array of pollinators in Western New York. It wants to challenge the notion of how pollinator houses can or should look. The competition also encourages everyone to advocate for these critical animal partners.

Environmental advocates, designers, artists and students are encouraged to participate.

The deadline is May 15.

See examples of pollinator houses here.

Why pollinators?

Pollinators have been increasingly threatened through the 20th and into the 21st century due to the heavy use of pesticides, invasive species, disease, parasites and loss of habitat. Specific issues such as colony collapse (bees), white nose syndrome (bats), and climate change (all pollinators), have led to the severe population loss of many pollinators in our region and beyond.

Pollinators in Western New York include native bees, butterflies, other insects, bats and birds.

These animals are important because so much of our food and plants depend on these them in order to reproduce. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, up to 75 percent of the world’s food crops are dependent in some way on pollinators to reproduce.

Learn more about pollinators from the Pollinator Conservation Association. Learn more about pollinator friendly practices from the US Department of Agriculture.

“The spirit of this competition is to encourage aspiring and professional designers alike to rethink what habitats could look like and to create awareness for the challenges these animals face,” said Courtney Creenan-Chorley, president of Buffalo Architecture Foundation. “The intent is to have creative, clever and inspirational results.”

About the competition

A jury of esteemed representatives from the Western New York architectural and gardening community will review all submissions for design quality, ingenuity, creativity, sustainability, and execution.

Awards will be given in multiple categories, including best overall entry, most likely to attract a pollinator, and best student entry (K-12).

It is free to enter.

Additional contest details can be found at the end of the document here.

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