Help scientists through Caterpillars Count!

monarch caterpillar
Monarch caterpillar. Photo courtesy Ansel Oommen,

Due to climate change, the growing season in Western New York starts earlier than it did in the past. Are caterpillars and birds emerging earlier as well?

Caterpillars Count!, a citizen science project, could use your help to find out if plants, insects and birds are all responding to ongoing changes in climate to the same degree.

You can participate by counting arthropods such as caterpillars, beetles and spiders through Wild Spirit Education, located at 11511 Bixby Hill Rd., Delevan.

You can also count caterpillars at your own site, whether it’s your own property, at a school or in a park. Here is what you would need:

  • At least 10 trees, but ideally 30 or more.
  • The ability to carry out surveys at least six times over the late spring and summer.
  • An existing pool of potential participants who could share the work of conducting these surveys, or a single individual willing to dedicate the time required.

See details about counting caterpillars at your own survey site here. 

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