Gardening episode slated for Lori & Friends

Garden Show 2015 from Lori & Friends
Lori Caso, host of Lori & Friends, center, devoted an episode to gardening with gardening guests, from left, David Clark, Bob Bracikowski and Connie Oswald Stofko. Photo courtesy Lori & Friends

by Connie Oswald Stofko

I was delighted to be one of three guests on a special gardening episode of Lori & Friends, the popular show on Time Warner Channel 20.

Usually host Lori Caso does cooking with her guests, but since cooking isn’t my strong suit, I was delighted when she said we could all talk about gardening.

I showed how to make glass mushrooms that you can display in your garden.

David Clark, internationally known horticulturist and speaker who teaches at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, demonstrated how to make a kokedama bonsai, which literally translates to “moss ball.” A plant is placed inside a round ball of soil and wrapped with moss and string. You can display the kokedama bonsai on a dish or leave the string long and suspend the plant– Very cool!

Bob Bracikowski of Opportunities Unlimited in Niagara County talked about making a cactus garden in a container.

Caso records the show right in her own house in Lewiston and made us all feel, well, right at home. She’s warm and bubbly. If you’ve never caught her show, you should definitely check it out.

Air times for the gardening episode are:

Erie County

8:30 p.m. Monday, July 20 and 27

Niagara County

10 p.m. Wednesday, July 22 and 29

10:30 a.m. Friday, July 24 and 31

5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, July 25 and 26

5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 1 and 2

2 Comments on “Gardening episode slated for Lori & Friends

  1. Connie,
    It was a real pleasure to work with you and Bob on this project!! I am looking forward to seeing all of us “do our thing”!!!

  2. Missed it, but the Lewiston Garden Club was on the program this year too. I did see Bob’s cactus containers as he did a demo for our club.

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