Jamestown recognizing beautiful front yards

signs for Jamestown front yard recognition 2015
Image courtesy Jamestown Renaissance Corporation

Jamestown’s front yard gardens are in full bloom, filling neighborhoods with eye-catching colors. To acknowledge the value that these gardens and their caretakers add to the city, the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation (JRC) is continuing the GROW Jamestown Front Garden Recognition Program for a fourth straight year.

“The GROW Jamestown Front Garden Recognition Program is a way to acknowledge home gardeners who contribute to the curb appeal of Jamestown’s neighborhoods, and to encourage all residents to take part in making Jamestown a more beautiful place,” said Mary Maxwell, Neighborhood Project Associate at the JRC.

“This program was not set up as a competition but was created to encourage pride and to acknowledge the efforts made by many of the residents of Jamestown.”

The program has grown since its beginning in 2012 with the first year’s distribution of 300 front yard garden signs. More than 700 signs will appear in yards all over the city this year.

The 12,000 front yards of Jamestown have been divided into 37 sections, with each section containing approximately 325 front yards. Volunteer teams have been assigned for each section of the city. Each team is comprised of a navigator (the driver), a photographer (to take a photo of the property) and a data entry person to document the process (a list of where the signs were placed).

Between July 6 and July 26, each team will survey their section of the city, determine the “norm” for that section and then decide which front yard gardens they wish to acknowledge and encourage by bestowing a 2015 yard sign. Each team will have a limited number of signs to distribute.

“Attractive gardens take time and effort, but they add tremendously to the appearance of homes and entire neighborhoods,” said Maxwell, noting that the program stems from recommendations in the city’s neighborhood revitalization plan. “It’s a signal that people care about their homes and neighborhoods, and it sends a powerful message to neighbors and visitors.”

The program is a part of GROW Jamestown, a city-wide initiative that promotes gardening as a tool for neighborhood revitalization, healthy living, civic engagement and the productive reuse of vacant land. Other GROW Jamestown projects include community gardens and an annual Garden Fair in March.

“This year’s program is possible because of over 100 volunteers who will canvass our city to find gardens they wish to recognize,” Maxwell said. “Their interest in devoting spare summer time to this project shows the level of enthusiasm that people have for gardening and celebrating Jamestown’s beauty.

“This project is the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation’s way to say thank you for the color, character and beauty the residents bring to our wonderful city.”

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) helped to collate and organize the informational materials.

For more information, call Mary Maxwell at 664-2477, ext. 224.

The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation is a nonprofit organization that supports downtown and neighborhood revitalization in Jamestown by promoting reinvestment, stakeholder engagement, and innovation.

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