Grants available to community garden groups & civic organizations

garden from Fiskars Project Orange Thumb
Photo from Fiskars Project Orange Thumb

Your community garden group or civic organization could receive $5,000 in cash and garden tools through the Project Orange Thumb grant program from Fiskars, which makes garden tools.

The application deadline is Dec. 31.

Your group could even be the recipient of a complete garden makeover, in which the Project Orange Thumb team comes to your neighborhood and turns unused space into a beautiful community garden in just one day.

To qualify, the group must be a not-for-profit organization, public school or municipality located in the United States or Canada.

The project must be new garden initiative (“new” meaning a garden must not have previously existed in the space identified in the application, “new” garden expansions are eligible).

Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb has provided more than $1.3 million to 140 community groups and helped to complete 14  garden makeovers in the U.S. and Canada.


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  1. Jennifer,
    According the article I wrote, the deadline was Dec. 31. If you have more follow-up questions, you should contact the folks at Project Orange Thumb– the link is in my article. Hope that helps.

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