Check out the new features of our Events page

homepage offers you the largest, most up-to-date list of gardening events in Western New York. Now we’ve added some new features to make it even easier for you to find the events that interest you.

In the black ribbon across the top of the page, you’ll see Events. You can click on that and you’ll see a list of upcoming gardening events listed in chronological order. It looks a lot like our previous Events page, so you’ll find that familiar and comfortable to use.

Notice that there is more than one page of events. Click the forward arrow to see more events.


more pages of events BuffaloNiagaraGardening



But if you go to that black ribbon across the top and let your mouse hover over “Events,” you’ll see a couple more selections to help you find you find particular events. hovering over events on BuffaloNiagaraGardening


Click on “Categories” and you’ll see two pages of categories including classes, garden walks, hands-on workshops and sales. Click on a category to see the events in that category.

If you want to find events near you or find events at a particular location, click on “Locations,” which is just below “Categories.” You’ll see the locations and can find out what events are happening there.


You can also look for an event by using the search box located at the end of the list of events. Type in a word or words where you see “Search.”

search box on events BuffaloNiagaraGardening

When you click on a particular event, you’ll see yet another feature we think you’ll like. There’s a map to help you get to the event.

Even though we were extremely careful in transferring events from our old page to our new page, it’s possible that a mistake found its way in or that we overlooked an event. If you see a problem with an event, please email me at

We’re working hard to keep you updated about all that is happening in the Western New York gardening community.

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