We welcome new readers from Springville and Hamburg NY!

gardening tips Buffalo NY daisy photoIn addition to publishing Buffalo-Niagara Gardening.com, I am delighted to announce that I am now writing the “Gardening & More” column in the Springville Journal and Hamburg Sun.

I want to welcome readers of those publications as well as all my new readers.

Whether you’re a new reader or have been a subscriber for awhile, please take some time to explore our website and see everything we have to offer. The article will point out various features you may have missed.gardening tips Buffalo NY categories

First, there are many ways to find the information you’re interested in. Let’s start at the top of the page.

To see gardening activities, click on “Upcoming Events.” You may be surprised at the wealth of gardening activities that take place in Western New York all year long! If you want to look through the list of events that have already taken place, just pull down the menu to see “Recent Events 2012” and “Recent Events 2011 and 2010.”

On that same black menu, you’ll see the “Your Photos” page where you can check out photos submitted by our readers. If you’d like to share your photos, please email them to me at connie@buffalo-niagaragardening.com along with your name, where you live, and some information about what we see in the photo that I can use in the caption.

gardening tips Buffalo NY search and topicsDirectly underneath the black menu is another menu where you can look for articles in categories such as “Herbs” or “Annuals.” See the image above right to locate these menus.

By the way, if you want to see a larger view of an image, click on it and wait. You’ll be taken to a new page. Click on the photo again. The image will be larger.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a search box, which you can use to find articles based on the word of your choice. For example, if you wanted to find any articles that mention the word Hamburg, type “Hamburg” in the search box and hit the Enter key.  You will get a choice of articles that contain that word.

Scroll down a little more and you’ll see a list of topics or keywords to help you find articles. These words are a little more specific than the categories at the top of the page. Just click on a topic and you’ll get a selection of articles on that topic. See the image above left to help you locate the search box and list of topics.

If you know when an article was published, searching our archives will help you find it. It’s located a little farther down the page, past the list of links. Click on the month and you’ll be able to see all the articles that were published that month. (You may have several pages of articles to look through, so don’t forget to go to the next page.) gardening tips Buffalo NY subscribe

Be sure to check out our advertisers– they’re great local sources for gardening products and services. When you click on an ad, you go to that business’s website where you can see all the products and services they have to offer. There are more advertisers on our Shop Locally page. Our advertisers change throughout the seasons, so check often to see new local businesses.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, you can subscribe– for free! When you subscribe, the newest issue of our online gardening magazine is emailed to you every Tuesday.

We just need your email address and Zip Code.  See the picture above right if you have trouble locating the subscribe box.

Also notice that you can leave a comment on articles. You can share your experiences, as well and advice and tips you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to contact me, Connie Oswald Stofko, at Connie@Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com.

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