Decorate your Buffalo garden for Valentine’s Day with these lights

patriotic heart light for garden in Buffalo NYby Connie Oswald Stofko

Your garden in the Buffalo area might not have much color this time of year, but you can change that by making your own Plexiglass light toppers.

You can decorate for Valentine’s Day and other holidays, show your support for the Buffalo Sabres or other teams, or express your personal interests with these simple lights.

This idea comes from Ben Sperandeo of Buffalo, who shared views of his yard as well as his lights with visitors during Starry Night Garden Tour, the evening portion of the Black Rock & Riverside Tour of Gardens in August light with bird in Buffalo NY

Sperandeo starts with a purchased LED light that changes colors, such as the one with the bird that you see at  right. He takes off the bird and replaces it with one of his acrylic creations.

Sperandeo simply cuts discs or other shapes from a sheet of Plexiglass.

Next he drills a hole into the ornament so that it fits over the light as shown.Valentine's garden light in Buffalo NY

He uses a Dremel tool, a handheld power tool, to sand the edges of the ornament.

A drill bit works nicely for etching lines into the surface of the ornament, he said.

Nail polish is used instead of paint.

The lights can be kept outside all year long, he said.

In addition to the patriotic heart at the beginning of the story, a more romantic creation by Sperandeo is seen above left.  garden light Buffalo Sabres

Sperandeo has made light toppers to show his support for the Buffalo Bills, and has made all the Buffalo Sabres emblems, including the old “B,” the “goat head” and the “slug.” An example of his crossed-swords Buffalo Sabres logo is at right.

Since the lights can stay out all year long, you can make ornaments that stretch from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. You can enjoy them when daylight is scarce as well as when you’re relaxing in your garden on a hot summer night.

See another garden from the 2011 Starry Night Garden Tour here.

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