Front Yard Garden Competition under way near Cazenovia Park

Murray Brothers staff at Front Yard Garden Competition in Buffalo NY
Bob Grover, foreground, places stone into a walkway while Kevin Bartlbaugh retrieves more stone for the project being done by Murray Brothers Nurseries.

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Work is underway in the second annual Front Yard Competition held as part of the National Garden Festival in Buffalo.

Members of the Western New York Nursery & Landscape Association will transform 15 yards facing the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Cazenovia Park in South Buffalo.

We’ll take a look at one of those yards, 87 Newman Place, whose makeover is being done by Murray Brothers Nurseries in Orchard Park.

The homeowners are Richard Speth and his wife Trish Rusk. He’s originally from Buffalo and returned to Western New York after retiring as an electrical engineer. Trish, a retired nurse, is originally from California.

The biggest challenge for the yard is the large maple tree that creates lots of shade, explained Tara Perrin, assistant manager for Murray Brothers.87 Newman Place in Buffalo NY

Having a shady area to work with is challenging because your choice of plants is limited. There are many plants that grow in sun, but fewer that grow in shade. And when it comes to colorful flowers, there are even fewer shade choices.

One plant that does well in shade is the hosta. There are many varieties available. They do get flowers, and some are very fragrant. Generally, though, hostas are grown for their foliage.

With her California backround, Rusk wants flowers rather than hostas.

Perrin would like to use hostas.

“We have 350 varieties,” she said. “It’s kind of our thing.”

Will Perrin sneak some hostas into the design? How will the homeowners like the finished yard?

We’ll let you know next Tuesday.

You can see the finished yards yourself starting this Sunday. You can even vote on the three you like best. Voting will take place from Sunday, July 17, through Friday, July 22.

Murray Brothers Nurseries offers free landscaping estimates as well as trees, shrubs, perennials, pottery, water garden supplies and more.

3 Comments on “Front Yard Garden Competition under way near Cazenovia Park

  1. Rick and Trish,
    I can’t wait to see the finished job! I’ll be over to take more photos for next week’s issue. Hey, Trish, don’t hold back. Tell us what you think about hostas! 😉

  2. I totally love the transformation! There’s color all over the front!! I am soo excited! Thank you Tara from the bottom of my heart! Oh, and the flowerbeds are just fantabulous!!!

    With regard to ‘hostas’–lapdogs that do nothing but take up garden space. b-o-r-i-n-g.

    Tara of Murray Bros. will do an Awesome Job !!!

  3. I do not know for sure if Tara sneaked a hosta or two into our front yard but all I know that after 3 long, hard days of work under a hot sun, our front yard is gorgeous. The colors are fabulous. We are so thankful to Murray Brothers and the National Garden Festival for this priceless gift. Who wouldda thought it ? It’s better than winning the lottery. No, it is like winning the lottery.

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