No early spring: Buffalo gardens will have to wait for warm weather

spring buds and rock in snow in Buffaloby Connie Oswald Stofko

Last year at this time, spring had already arrived in the Buffalo area. The ground was thawed, the sun was shining, the air was warm and I was in my garden getting a head start on pulling weeds. It was glorious!

Will we be getting another early spring this year?

Probably not.

“Last year was an aberration,” said Tom Paone, meterologist with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Buffalo.

We keep getting snow this month, while “Last year we had virtually no snow in March,” Paone said. “March is still very much a winter month here.”

Ouch. You had to remind us.

“My guess is this is going to be a more normal spring,” he said.

Spring in the Buffalo area means wide swings in temperatures, Paone said. You may have a day with mild temperatures,  but then the weather will turn cold.

People look for the first robin as a sign of spring. At my house, an even earlier harbinger of spring is the Cooper’s hawk that makes its nest in our neighborhood. I saw it for the first time on Sunday! Unfortunately, I spotted it in February last year.

“It’s not likely that this year will be like last year,” Paone said.

But even during a normal spring, he noted that  “there will be occasional sunny days with mild temperatures.”

We can’t wait!






2 Comments on “No early spring: Buffalo gardens will have to wait for warm weather

  1. Sally,
    It was great having my office window open a couple days this week. I’ll enjoy the random warm days of spring as we get them.
    Thanks for writing!

  2. I found the “rose repair” article very interesting – I have taped up other small shrubs that have suffered winter damage and have had some good results with this tape repair technique. Spring won’t come soon enough for me!

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