Lockwood’s Garden Center

4484 Clark St., Hamburg NY
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Lockwood’s Garden Center, 4484 Clark St., Hamburg, is a destination garden center that draws
tourists as well as Western New York residents.

Lockwood’s has a large array of annuals and perennials grown on the premises, including unusual trees and shrubs. Visit the lovely gift shop.

Lockwood’s Garden Center is fully open. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We offer a great selection of houseplants, air plants, and flowering plants to brighten your home. The gift shop has been filling up with new and unique items.

Lockwood’s potting mix, gift cards, tart cherry juice, and seed packs are also available for purchase.

See our website for more information.


Lockwood’s Guidelines for Shopping in April, May and June

pansies at Lockwood's Garden Center
Photo courtesy Lockwood’s Garden Center

There is good news that many people in our country and our area have and are getting the COVID-19 vaccine. At Lockwood’s, we have carefully considered how to make the 2021 Spring season an enjoyable and accessible shopping experience while still following state guidelines and protecting all of our customers and staff. We are mindful that many people still do not have access to the vaccine including much of our staff. We will have the following guidelines in place for April, May and June.

We will NOT take reservations this Spring but we WILL monitor the number of people in the Retail store and greenhouses – You may be asked to wait outside until people have exited the store.

Please come as prepared as possible to make the most of your shopping trip. Please know that because we are trying to move customers through the store, we are unable to provide lengthy consultations on plant selection for your landscape design project at this time.

If you require a design consultation, please contact us via email separately and we will schedule an appointment time to help you. The email address is orders@weknowplants.com.

We encourage you to plan your visit to Lockwood’s during the week to avoid lines and wait times on the weekend.

We will be offering online orders with curbside pickup on selected items – see WeKnowPlants.com for our online store.
Rest rooms will not be available to customers so please plan accordingly.

You must wear a face covering and keep a social distance from other shoppers and Lockwood’s employees as mandated by NYS. We recognize that some of you have been vaccinated, however we ask you to wear a mask inside in respect for others who have not been vaccinated. Please keep yourself and others safe.

We look forward to another exciting Spring season and we are ready to serve you!

seeds at Lockwood's
Seeds are available now at Lockwood’s. Image courtesy Lockwood’s Greenhouses


gift card at Lockwood's
Gardeners love gift cards from Lockwood’s. Image courtesy Lockwood’s Greenhouses