Amherst artist uses color on Open Gardens

Putting purple and orange together creates excitement in your garden, says painter Val Szeluga. See how it’s done in Val & Gene Szeluga’s Moonlight Garden in the video above. The video was created by Jay Jinge Hu, who shares his Williamsville landscape on Open Gardens.

You can also see the Szelugas’ marvelous garden in person on Open Gardens in July. The Tours of Open Gardens Guide, which you need to visit these exceptional gardens, will be available at Plantasia. You can also preorder the guide now.

Here are more interesting tidbits that you’ll see in the Moonlight Garden:

  • Shady beds that are colorful
  • Bed posts that make a garden a true “garden bed”
  • Koi pond and waterfalls
  • The use of tall plants and tall decorations
  • A new garden island that was just filling out

3 Comments on “Amherst artist uses color on Open Gardens

  1. Thank you Val, Gene, and Jay for reminding us that summer will be here again and thanks Connie for arranging a garden tour in February. Amazing use of color Val; I tend to be more conservative in my color choices but you’ve certainly brought your artistic sensibilities to your garden. I’m inspired to add some orange to my red and purple favorites.

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