Hurry to apply to be Climate Steward in Erie, Niagara Counties

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Did you ever wish there was a program like Master Gardener Volunteers, but for climate?

There is now!

The new Cornell Climate Stewards program will train volunteers, who then work on local climate change projects.

The statewide program provides intensive education on climate science, communications, and potential local solutions. Volunteers can support ongoing initiatives and local conservation projects as well as create their own project.

Cornell Cooperative Extension in Niagara County and Erie County will hold trainings for Cornell Climate Stewards.

Hurry to apply

Erie County

Please submit applications by tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15. Get the application here.

The training will begin March 25. See details here. The fee is waived for this first offering in Erie County.

Niagara County

Applications are due by Monday, March 20 for the training in Niagara County. Get the application here.

Training begins on Thursday, March 23. The program costs $75 (Financial assistance is available; please donโ€™t let cost deter your application.)

See more details here.

2 Comments on “Hurry to apply to be Climate Steward in Erie, Niagara Counties

  1. Thank you for sharing this upcoming opportunity! Definitely going to apply to be a Climate Steward myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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