Reminder: Call 811 before you dig

digging in yard by Stofko
Photo illustration by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

You’d be pretty embarrassed if the whole neighborhood lost its cable because you cut the line while you were digging or rototilling. And if you hit a gas or electrical line, you and others could be injured or even killed!

So before you dig a hole for a fence post, water feature, garden or pool, you need to know where all those utility lines are so you don’t accidentally hit them with your shovel or rototiller.

Find out by calling 811 or going online at UDigNY. (Note: UDigNY is a new name and the website has a new address.)

When you make your request by phone or online, your local utilities come out– for free– and flag where their lines are.

It’s really quick for you to call 811 or place a request online. (You have to do this a few working days ahead of time). Then all the utility companies send out a truck and flag where their lines are.

When all those trucks roll up, don’t feel like you’re causing undue commotion; they want you to call!

You may have private lines in your landscape that don’t belong to utilities, such as irrigation lines or invisible dog fences. The utilities won’t flag those lines, but you can find companies that do that work.

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