Seed library open at Audubon Library

Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

The WNY Seed Library is again open during library hours at the Audubon Branch Library, 350 John James Audubon Pkwy., Amherst.

You don’t need a library card to borrow seeds.

You can see all the varieties of seeds here.

The WNY Seed Library uses the term “borrowing” seeds because the organizers hope that when your plants are mature, you will save the seeds and donate some back to the seed library.

You can also donate seeds that you saved from plants you grew previously as well as leftover seeds that you purchased. Even if the seeds are several years old, they may still be viable. Volunteers will test them to see if the seeds will germinate. Please make sure the seeds are labeled. (The box for donated seeds is under the card catalog that holds seeds you can borrow.)

2 Comments on “Seed library open at Audubon Library

  1. Hello.. my name is Laura Yeates. I recently moved to the country where they left me a wonderful garden bed along with lots of fertilizer & dirt. My problem is seeds. We are without a vehicle or access to one. I’m wondering if there’s any way you can send me some from your seed library. We’re going through food and security I’m taking care of my mom who is going through cancer radiation and immunotherapy and is starting dementia and I just really need some help as a mom of 4 still in the home. We also rescue cats too. If there’s any way that you could I will send the donation through the mail since that’s my only way of doing things these days. Have a car to go grocery shopping everything is through delivery and it’s really hard. We’re on food stamps but it doesn’t get us through the month and I know this would help us immensely. Thank you so much for reading. And God bless

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