Reminder: no mulch volcanoes

volcano mulch illustration muffin and donut
Volcano mulch looks like a muffin. The mulch around your tree should look like a donut— a circle around the tree with a hole in the middle where no mulch touches the tree. The tree shouldn’t look like a telephone pole sticking out of the mulch; you should see it flare out at the bottom. Illustration by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

It seems to be the start of volcano season in Western New York. Mulch volcanoes (those neat, cone-shaped piles of mulch at the base of trees) are showing up again.

They may look nice to you, but they’re not good for the trees, according to garden experts. Mulch volcanoes can slowly kill trees.

Check out our previous article on mulch volcanoes to find out why you shouldn’t use mulch volcanoes and how you can properly mulch around a tree.

2 Comments on “Reminder: no mulch volcanoes

  1. Hi Marlene, I didn’t come up with that analogy, but I agree that it makes the process understandable. Thanks!

  2. That’s a great analogy and easy to remember! A doughnut, not a muffin!

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