Super Readers has a new level: is it for you?

single iris bloom by Stofko
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

When I rolled out Super Readers, I was grateful for the support I received from readers– both financially and through the wonderful ideas they shared with me.

Several readers suggested that there should be a level between the Daisy Level ($10) and the Sunflower Level ($50).

What a stupendous idea!

Starting now, you can be a Super Reader at the Iris Level ($30).

To show my appreciation, at the Iris Level you will receive:

  • An ebook with a sampling of quirky, fun and helpful gardening tips. The ebook isn’t quite finished yet, but I expect to have it completed next week.
  • A digital photo that you can print out or use as wallpaper on your computer. You can choose from three images listed on this page (look in the Daisy Level).
  • My undying gratitude and your name listed here. You can also have a sentence printed with your name, such as “My favorite flower is …”, or “Thank you to my gardening buddies Pat and Tyler” or “Proud member of (gardening group).”

What Super Readers is all about

Super Readers is a way to help me stay in business so I can keep offering you great gardening content every week.

I know that gardeners value this magazine because they get timely information that really works in our area, so I considered charging a subscription fee.

But no matter what amount I chose for the the subscription price, it would be too high for some people. They would be shut out. I didn’t want to do that to any of my loyal readers.

Rather than require a subscription fee, I decided to go with something optional.

When you are a Super Reader, you can support this magazine at a level that you feel is appropriate. See all the details here.

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