Sales of tree seedlings under way; schools can get free trees

maple seeds on tree in Western New York
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

You can buy tree and shrub seedlings through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation or through various counties. There are deadlines to order.

Seedlings are also available to schools free from the State DEC.

State DEC

More than 50 species of trees and shrubs will be available from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Saratoga Tree Nursery.

We often think of trees as being ornamental or providing food, but they can be used as wind breaks, too, the DEC pointed out.

Winter winds often cause blowing and drifting snow that can create hazardous road conditions, reduced visibility and other safety issues. Strong, cold winds may also reduce home heating efficiency, increase winter energy bills, and even impact unsheltered livestock herds. By planting rows of trees and shrubs at right angles to prevailing winds, an effective natural windbreak can be created. DEC’s state tree nursery has a variety of seedling species for creating windbreaks.

The seedlings from the State’s Saratoga Tree Nursery can also help landowners create wildlife habitat and improve air and water quality in their backyard.

In addition, many types of trees and shrubs provide important food sources for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, which have declined over recent years.

See the brochure for ordering information. View full species descriptions and the availability of species.


See information on sales in counties:

Erie County

Niagara County

Chautauqua County

Cattaraugus County

Schools can get tree seedlings free

Schools across New York State are eligible to receive free seedlings for spring planting through the DEC School Seedling Program, which provides 50 tree seedlings or a mixed packet of 30 wildlife shrubs to any public or private school that would like to participate. The seedlings can be planted on school grounds or other community spaces, and offer teachers a great resource to enhance environmental lessons. Applications must be received at the nursery by March 31.



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