Enjoy a short drive to the country to get specialty services at Waterman’s Greenhouse

Waterman's Greenhouse in Springville NY
Waterman’s Greenhouse in Springville offers specialty services including custom-designed planters; bulk topsoil, compost and mulch, and larger plants at a lower price. Photo courtesy Waterman’s Greenhouse.

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Sometimes when you’re shopping for hanging baskets or other containers of annuals, you wish you could swap out the plant combinations. The basket in front of you would be your favorite, if only it had that pretty grass that’s in the basket across the way. And this other basket is nice, but the flowers are orange and you really had your heart set on pink.

At Waterman’s Greenhouse, you can get exactly what you want. Place an order for a custom-designed container of annuals now. They will plant it up and care for it until the weather is ready for you to place it outside. By then it will be all grown out, full and gorgeous. And it will be just what you want.

You can even take your own special container to them and have them plant it up for you.

They can do small containers, but they love doing large containers, such as 16-inch hanging baskets or 24-inch pots– two feet in diameter! Those can provide a huge splash of color to your garden.

Call (716) 592-9186 to place an order.

That’s just one of the great services you can get at Waterman’s Greenhouse, 12316 Vaughn St. (Route 240), East Concord (Springville.) It’s a quick drive, just a half hour from West Seneca.

Here are more reasons why you should take a short ride into the country to visit Waterman’s Greenhouse:

Large plants, lower price

“You can get large plants for the same price you would pay for a small plant in the city,” said Ethan Waterman, manager.

Most of their perennials are grown in large 1½-gallon pots. That gives the plants a large root system, making for a more robust specimen–and a larger plant.

All of their annuals and perennials are grown on site, so you know they will do well in our climate.

Buying in bulk saves money 

Take your bushel baskets or plastic totes, along with a shovel, and buy as much screened topsoil, compost or mulch as you need. None of it is sold in bags– You’ll save money buying in bulk. (The aged compost is local– from a nearby dairy farm.)

If you have a truck, drive on over and the staff at Waterman’s will load it for you.

You can have topsoil, compost and mulch delivered, too. Call them at (716) 592-9186 for pricing.

Custom blends of soil

Waterman’s sells a garden mix of topsoil and compost, but if you want a certain blend with different proportions, let them know and they will mix it for you. They also sell a professional grade of potting mix– It’s the same mix they use to grow their plants.

Trees and shrubs

All of Waterman’s trees and shrubs are grown in containers and can be loaded into your truck or car. They can be planted now if you can dig the hole. A larger selection will be available in April.

Stone, boulders and pavers

Waterman’s has stone for every landscape need, whether you’re looking for a large, decorative boulder to add interest to your garden, stones for a driveway, pavers for a pathway, or natural stone for retaining walls.

Expanded greenhouse

Waterman’s just added 4,000 square feet of greenhouse space. More space means more plants for you, as well as a more attractive display for browsing.

Get ideas on raised beds

New this year is an onsite raised bed that will contain a vegetable garden. You can get ideas on raised beds, see the different varieties of vegetables they are growing and see what you may want to plant in the future.

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