What you can do in your early autumn garden in Western New York

osteopermum by Stofko
Osteospermum daisies are great annuals for fall because they can take a little frost. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

That muggy weather we’ve had this past week made it feel more like July than September.

But Labor Day is over and kids are headed back to school. That makes many people think the gardening season is over.

No it’s not!

Here are a few reminders of things you can do in the garden now and for the next few weeks.

Start a new garden

Many people think spring is the perfect time to start a new garden, but fall can be even better.

Four reasons why fall is the time to start a garden in Buffalo area


If you’re going to be digging a new bed, you don’t want to cut any utility lines. Before you dig, find out where the utility lines are. It’s a free service, and your neighbors will be happy that you didn’t shut down the power for the entire block.

Call 811 before you dig new garden to prevent damage to utility lines, injury

If you don’t want to till, try lasagna gardening. You can start it in spring, but it’s better to start a lasagna garden in fall.

Got clay? Don’t want to dig? Want a new bed over lawn? Try lasagna gardening in autumn


Plant perennials

There are lots of plants that bloom through fall. Choose some of those to add autumn interest to your garden.

Plant now for spectacular fall garden; here are 6 great options


Here are more ideas on how to make your garden look great in fall.

4 big tips for creating a garden with year-round interest


Don’t forget that many perennials are on sale now. Check our Events page.


Plant tulips and other bulbs that bloom in spring

If you want crocuses and daffodils and other flowers that bloom in spring, you have to plant them now. By planting different bulbs, you can have flowers from mid-winter through July. (Note: The article below is from a previous year; the Fall Garden Fair at Lockwood’s Greenhouse is Sept. 12 and 13, 2015.

Get tips on spring-flowering bulbs


Plant annuals

While frost can kill your tender annuals, there are many attractive annual flowers available now that are resistant to frost.

Stretch the season with frost-tolerant annuals

Plant up a container of annuals to add color to your porch, deck or yard. You can use grasses and herbs, too.

Watch video to make super quick fall planter & hanging pot


Mums are a favorite flower for fall– most are treated as annuals in Western New York.

Should you treat mums as annuals or perennials?


Plant vegetables

Don’t forget to continue harvesting your tomatoes, herbs and other food plants. You can also plant some cool-weather vegetables now, such as lettuce. While you can plant cool-weather vegetables in April, you can also plant some kinds now and get a second crop.

It’s time to plant cool-weather veggies in Buffalo area

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  1. Good suggestions. Also, collect seed from your fading summer plants to plant next spring. Even some annual seed can be planted in fall.

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