Lush flower garden grows from cracks in concrete driveway in West Seneca

Wave petunias from Powarski in West Seneca NY
Wave petunias grow in the cracks of the concrete driveway of Jerry Powarski in West Seneca. Photo courtesy Jerry Powarski

Some of us have trouble growing flowers in our garden beds, but Jerry Powarski of West Seneca can get them to grow in his concrete driveway!

Powarski didn’t plant the flowers; they were “volunteers.” The seeds dropped off from flowers that had been growing the previous year in nearby pots and found their way into the cracks in his driveway.

Not only does he allow them to grow in the driveway, he weeds out any competing plants. The really difficult part is making sure he doesn’t trample the flowers.

This is a spectacular sight. Sometimes the unplanned developments in your garden can be delightful.

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cleome in driveway from Powarski in West Seneca NY
Another year the tall plant called cleome, also known as spider flower, was planted nearby. Its seeds found their way into the driveway. Photo courtesy Jerry Powarski



6 Comments on “Lush flower garden grows from cracks in concrete driveway in West Seneca

  1. Hi Peggy, that’s an interesting question. Some plants that have grown in the cracks of my driveway are chives and columbine.

  2. I’ve seen the crack-growing flora in Jerry’s driveway and they’re spectacular. What’s even better is his back and side yards.
    Elephant Ears that are one story high, raised beds with the most beautiful flowers & veggies. Jerry is an artist and has green thumbs, fingers and toes! Plus, he spends a lot of $$$$, time & energy in preparation, plants and maintenance. Each year is better than the last. I want to sell tickets to tour his gardens!

  3. I have had volunteer cleome and cosmos growing in my driveway cracks every year but I just might “encourage” some petunia to accompany them!

  4. What a wonderfully unplanned garden! Don’t think my husband would let this fly at our place, but I think it’s great!!

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