Keep those gardening tips coming– clean out your email

computer helps you get gardening informationYou may be missing emails and not even know it.

Every week I eagerly send out the newest issue of and I’m happy to see people opening and reading the email.

But each week I’m also disappointed to see that some readers didn’t get the email at all. Why? Because their mailbox is full.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Your mailbox could be full without you realizing it. Many people assume that when they place an email in the Trash, that email is gone.


It depends on your settings, but that email probably just stays in your Trash taking up storage space. You have to throw out or purge the emails located in your Trash folder in order to free up space.

Another place where old emails may accumulate is in your Sent Mail folder. You may have it set up so that every time you send an email, a copy is saved in your Sent Mail folder. Every so often, go to your Sent Mail Folder and throw out any emails you don’t need.

Everyone’s email is set up differently, so if you’re not sure how to purge emails, ask a friend or get help from your email provider.

These simple steps will ensure that you won’t miss any issues of Please remind your gardening friends, too!

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