Amherst backyard with lavish gardens was setting for wedding

gardens around inground pool with waterfall in Amherst NYby Connie Oswald Stofko

Pam Weinrieb  loved her home at 445 Lebrun Rd., Amherst, but she didn’t like how it looked in the front. So for years she concentrated her gardening efforts on the front.

When her son decided to get married and wanted the 2011 ceremony in her backyard, she turned her attention to the backyard.

The result is a 1.3-acre lot filled with lavish gardens. I visited during the Amherst Garden Walk, held July 20.

Above you can see perennial plantings that form a backdrop to the waterfall, which flows directly into the large inground swimming pool.front gardens on Lebrun Road in Amherst NY

Directly above is a view of the front of the house. Weinrieb said she started by planting trees and just kept going, adding another bed every year. Not only are there garden beds close to the house, but they continue beyond the circular driveway and fill about half of the spacious front yard. There is also a wide border garden along the side of the driveway.

She chose plants with pink, white and purple flowers for the front.

When her son announced his wedding plans and she turned her attention to the back, she discarded her strict color scheme.

“It’s fun to have an explosion of color in the backyard,” Weinrieb said. gardens around pool with statue of boy reading in Amherst NY

Before we continue, we need to make two points.

First, Weinrieb had the help of a professional landscaper.

Second, gardening at this level is still a lot of work.

Weinrieb plants new plants herself. She has a sprinkler system, but every day she still has to water all of the containers. Take a glance at the photo above and you can see that she has many, many containers. border garden in Amherst NY

Weinrieb does much of the weeding herself, but she gets help with that or it would be overwhelming. She also has someone to cut the grass. She’s retired and estimates that she spends at least two hours a day on her gardens.

She warns other gardeners that it’s a spring and summer commitment.gardener's apron on dress form in Amherst NY garden 2

“But you reap what you sow,” Weinrieb said. “As much work as I put into it, it’s worth it. I go out in my garden and I feel so much better.”

Above is one of the wide border gardens in the backyard.

Weinrieb likes to have interesting objects– often quite large– tucked into the gardens.

“If you turn around, you should see something that enhances the garden,” she said.

At left, a dress form holds a gardener’s apron. The pockets are stuffed with tools, gloves and seed packets.aviary and street clock in garden in Amherst NY

Watering cans, some planted with ivy, dot the gardens. There is an antique scale, a chair shaped like a butterfly and a statue of a woman putting on lipstick. gardener's apron on dress form in Amherst NY garden 2

At left, a giant bird cage or aviary and a street clock add interest to the seating area beside the pool. Weinreib painted the metal table and chairs a vivid blue.

Below left, a  boulder inscribed with her granddaughter’s name shares a spot with a bird bath in the front yard. Weinreib also had rocks inscribed for grandsons Max and Asher.

11 Comments on “Amherst backyard with lavish gardens was setting for wedding

  1. Pam we love visiting you and your gorgeous gardens every year. There is nothing like it any where else in Buffalo. The trees, plants, statues, ornaments and flowers are breathtaking. Your many weeks, hours, watering and love show throughout your home. Love, Linda and Alan 🏵️🌼🌹🪴

  2. Oh my goodness! Pam! Your garden is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I’ve heard so much about it but I would have never imagined it was so big with so much character. You put alot of hard work into this and it shows! I’m so upset I missed the Garden Walk. But I look forward to visiting so I can really experiencing your garden first hand. I hope to have a garden like that some day…one gardening season at a time. 🙂 Wonderful!

  3. Magnifique!! Wonderful pix and gorgeous gardens! We love it at the Weinrieb’ “retreat!”
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Pam
    I was at your home a few years ago and enjoyed all that you had done then. I am amazed how much more you have done with the front & back. I hope that when I get back to Bflo. I will again enjoy seeing it.
    It is just beautiful.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful article and photographs, Connie. It was so nice to meet you!

  6. I just love visiting my sister’s garden. Living in California I try to see it once a year. It is magnificent! The effort she puts into it is well worth all of her time!
    I suggested she use the garden for photo shoots!

  7. Pam…..your yard is just stunning! The wedding pictures must be just as fabulous! What a lucky couple to have such a perfect setting.

  8. Pam deserves a medal for her creativity and devotion. A work of art. We missed it. We have to see it in person. Linda and Jaime, Youngstown, NY

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