Thanks, Super Readers!

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My Super Readers show how much they value this online gardening magazine.

I appreciate all of you!

Connie Oswald Stofko, publisher


Hyacinth Level

Patty E. Brandel: Thank you for offering this great emagazine!!


Daisy Level

Linda Meissner: Matthew 6:28-29 …Look at the lilies..Solomon did not clothe himself such as these.


Roxy: I’m always learning something new from your site.

Cathy McMahon: I’d rather be in the garden.

Ellie: My garden is my sanctuary.


Iris Level

Ronnie Dapp: Had 14 flowers this year on a small hibiscus plant

Marge N.

Paulette Crooke: This always brightens my inbox. Thank you.

Linda Monaco: I don’t thank you enough for all you do!!!!


Sunflower Level



Sunny Sky Level


Hyacinth Level

Kathy Kristich

Janice Jaskowiak

Elizabeth Masarik


Janet Mazzaroppi

Evelyn Mietlowski: Proud member of Amherst Garden Club


Daisy Level

Rosie: Thank you Connie for this wonderful gardening resource.

Gramma Mac: Love flowers & all the beauty they bring.

Mary Jane Penna: Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.

Liz: Gardening is great!

Jeanine: Gardeners are the kindest people I know!

Lisa Virgilio: Thank you to my gardening buddies.

Adrienne: Love my Garden Club.

Connie Mulligan: My favorite flower is Gerbera daisies.

Sue L.: I’d rather be in the garden.

E Timm: Thanks for doing this newsletter.

Hilary Morgan

Linda Gellman: Gardening is a sacred act of kindness and gratitude to Mother Earth.


Lynn Larson: I enjoy the weekly tips and articles are quick reading and pertinent to our area.


Linda Meissner: Proud member of South Towns Garden Club

Ann F

Linda: I’d rather be in my garden!

David Esis

Connie McDonnell Weber: Wishing I could bring flowers to my Uncle Romey.


Iris Level

Debbie Kanarek: God Bless Connie for this publication!

Linda Young: Proud member of Samuel P. Capen Garden Walk.

Susan Udin

Maria: Love the newsletters! Keep them coming!

DJB Maloney

Mike & Kathy Shadrack: If you planted everything you bought, you didn’t buy enough.

Terry B: Gardening and a glass of wine—my favorite things.

Dee Lamprecht: Member of the Alden Garden Club

Marilee Farry: If you like irises, join the WNY Iris Society. 668-1789

Laurie Greenspan: plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life

 Judy Clark: What a wonderful magazine. All the helpful hints have made my garden beautiful, Thank you!


Sunflower Level

Maxine and Bob: Unfortunately the deer and rabbits love our garden as much as we do.

Christine Cotton: I love all types of day lilies!


Marty Mummery: Thank you, Connie.


Sunny Sky Level

Beth Barrie: I love!!!

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