Thanks, Super Readers!

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My Super Readers show how much they value this online gardening magazine.

I appreciate all of you!

Connie Oswald Stofko, publisher


Hyacinth Level

Patty E. Brandel: Thank you for offering this great emagazine!!


Daisy Level

Greta Doscher: Thank you for all the great gardening tips and interesting local articles!

Linda Meissner: Matthew 6:28-29 …Look at the lilies..Solomon did not clothe himself such as these.


Roxy: I’m always learning something new from your site.

Cathy McMahon: I’d rather be in the garden.

Ellie: My garden is my sanctuary.


Iris Level

Leslie & Jim Charlier: I look forward to your eNewsletters every Tuesday!


Kate: I’m a grounds keeper not a gardener.


Ronnie Dapp: Had 14 flowers this year on a small hibiscus plant

Marge N.

Paulette Crooke: This always brightens my inbox. Thank you.

Linda Monaco: I don’t thank you enough for all you do!!!!


Sunflower Level

Dee Lamprecht: Happy 30th anniversary to my fellow members of the Alden Garden Club



Sunny Sky Level

Tom and Darcie Homme



Hyacinth Level

Kathy Kristich

Janice Jaskowiak

Elizabeth Masarik


Janet Mazzaroppi

Evelyn Mietlowski: Proud member of Amherst Garden Club


Daisy Level

Rosie: Thank you Connie for this wonderful gardening resource.

Gramma Mac: Love flowers & all the beauty they bring.

Mary Jane Penna: Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.

Liz: Gardening is great!

Jeanine: Gardeners are the kindest people I know!

Lisa Virgilio: Thank you to my gardening buddies.

Adrienne: Love my Garden Club.

Connie Mulligan: My favorite flower is Gerbera daisies.

Sue L.: I’d rather be in the garden.

E Timm: Thanks for doing this newsletter.

Hilary Morgan

Linda Gellman: Gardening is a sacred act of kindness and gratitude to Mother Earth.


Lynn Larson: I enjoy the weekly tips and articles are quick reading and pertinent to our area.


Linda Meissner: Proud member of South Towns Garden Club

Ann F

Linda: I’d rather be in my garden!

David Esis

Connie McDonnell Weber: Wishing I could bring flowers to my Uncle Romey.


Iris Level

Debbie Kanarek: God Bless Connie for this publication!

Linda Young: Proud member of Samuel P. Capen Garden Walk.

Susan Udin

Maria: Love the newsletters! Keep them coming!

DJB Maloney

Mike & Kathy Shadrack: If you planted everything you bought, you didn’t buy enough.

Terry B: Gardening and a glass of wine—my favorite things.

Dee Lamprecht: Member of the Alden Garden Club

Marilee Farry: If you like irises, join the WNY Iris Society. 668-1789

Laurie Greenspan: plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life

 Judy Clark: What a wonderful magazine. All the helpful hints have made my garden beautiful, Thank you!


Sunflower Level

Maxine and Bob: Unfortunately the deer and rabbits love our garden as much as we do.

Christine Cotton: I love all types of day lilies!


Marty Mummery: Thank you, Connie.


Sunny Sky Level

Beth Barrie: I love!!!

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