Asters are the flower for September; you can plant them now

asters from Murray Bros in Orchard Park NY
Photo from Murray Brothers Nurseries.

The flower for September  birthdays is the aster.

When so many other perennials have passed their peak and you might start to think that our gardening season is ending, the aster opens its petals and reminds us there can still be a lot going on in our gardens.

My aster just started blooming about two weeks ago and is a welcome sight. I expect it will continue to bloom for several more weeks.

“Asters add a nice, bright pop of color that’s different than mums,” said Tara Perrin, assistant manager at Murray Brothers Nurseries, 4735 Transit Road at the corner of 20A, Orchard Park.

Asters like drier conditions, she said, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time watering. They are perennials and overwinter easily.

Murray Brothers has asters in pink and blue in stock. They grow about one to two feet tall, and some can get taller.

Asters like sun.

The name aster comes from the Greek word for star. The aster’s petals look like rays of starlight reaching out from its warm yellow center.

There is much folklore surrounding asters. In ancient times, it was believed that burning aster leaves would drive away evil serpents. It is said that the plant is ruled by Venus and is useful in love potions.

They symbolize many different traits: contentment, patience, variety, daintiness, faith, wisdom and valor.


10 Comments on “Asters are the flower for September; you can plant them now

  1. Tara, thanks so much for that answer. It’s nice to use native plants in the garden because they tend to be hardy and low maintenance.

  2. The Aster pictured is in the family Asteraceae. The name for that exact plant is Aster ‘Woods Purple’. And it is native to NY

  3. Local nurseries often carry native species of asters as well as other varieties, too. Ask the garden center and they will tell you if it’s a native plant. Thanks for the question.

  4. Connie, Are the asters one sees along the country roadsides the same as the ones we purchase at the local nurseries?

  5. It is always a pleasure to see the asters bloom as the flowering cycle of other plants tend to decline. They are a bright spot in the garden!

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