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March 30: The greenhouse is open and you can purchase plants. Pansies, lettuce bowls (small containers planted with lettuce) and containers of frost-tolerant plants are available and are outside. You can also buy succulents, houseplants and potting soil. There is limited delivery.


Hours are 8-4 Monday through Friday, 9-4 Saturday and closed Sunday. 


The floral shop is closed in compliance with NY State law.


Call 716-632-1290 for more information.


Mischler’s has been a full-service flower shop and greenhouse since 1944. We are open year round offering seasonal annuals, perennials, succulents and bonsai. Call 716-632-1290 or 877-363-1879. We are a proud member of PLANT WNY (the Professional Landscape & Nursery Trades of WNY), the presenter of Plantasia. pansies at Mischler's by Stofko

Pansies are here

You can purchase pansies from Mischler’s now. To help you with social distancing, you don’t even have to go to the garden center to buy them– Mischler’s will deliver!

You have to make a purchase of at least $30, and there is a delivery fee. Other things you can have delivered from Mischler’s are bonsai, houseplants, hanging baskets of indoor plants, succulent mini-gardens and fresh floral arrangements. See their delivery area here.

Pansies are a cool weather annual. They don’t mind cool temperatures and they can tolerate some frost.


Wider selection of bonsai supplies & plants

Get the tools you need for bonsai at Mischler’s. Photo courtesy Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouses

Mischler’s has broadened their selection of plants, containers, tools and potting mixes for bonsai. Bonsai pots with saucers are available in 4-inch, 6-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch sizes. In addition to a starter kit, they have added concave and wire cutters and a root rake-tweezer combination. They carry individual coils of wire in 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm. Mischler’s has also expanded the varieties of potting mixes to include Akadama and Deciduous in addition to Tropical, Conifer and All Purpose. If you are looking to begin this unique art form, stop in to their Garden Center and they’ll be glad to help you get started.    


benches full of succulents at Mischler's
Photo courtesy Mischler’s Florist & Greenhouses


Succulents are easy to grow

Known for their easy care, succulents can be grown in almost any type of container. The best containers for plants have drainage, but because succulents need so little moisture, they are the perfect candidate for unusual planters like old drawers, boots and broken vessels. Mischler’s has been growing succulents for years. We have the knowledge and materials needed to help you begin or expand your succulent gardening experience. If you‘re looking for a “green thumb” project to brighten an otherwise dull day, visit Mischler’s Greenhouses and choose from more than 100 varieties of succulents. Succulents are perfect for a mini garden or fairy garden project with a child or grandchild.