Do you love birds in your garden? Check out new WNY site

chickadee in tree
Chickadee. Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Learn more about the birds that visit your garden with the new website Birds on the Niagara Frontier.

It is designed to promote interest in birding and wildlife conservation in Western New York and Southern Ontario.

The site was created by Gerry Rising, retired University at Buffalo math professor who has been bird watching for more than 80 years, and Michael Noonan, a retired Canisius College professor of Animal Behavior who has produced a dozen films that promote nature awareness and wildlife conservation.  

If you want to identify the birds that come to your backyard feeder, check out the beginners page, where you’ll find a list of field guides and regional books.

The page also includes tips on choosing equipment, including binoculars, telescopes and cameras.

While you can see birds anywhere in Western New York, there are prime locations. You can see a list of hot spots here.

While some species of birds are year-long residents, others migrate in and out of Western New York. See when the different species are here.

8 Comments on “Do you love birds in your garden? Check out new WNY site

  1. I live in the Amhetst/Eggertsville area and have been feeding the birds for years. Over the last six months, the number of birds have been declining and over the last several weeks, there are no birds at all except for a few black birds. My nextdoor neighbor commented on the same thing. I just get a few squirrels. Does anyone know what’s happening?

  2. Bonnie, Thanks so much for the tip! I know a lot of gardeners appreciate the role birds play in the environment and the joy they bring!

  3. Great idea Connie. I have 2 blue bird houses in my yard and monitor 24 more at NCCC. I am currently establishing a new system I found out about which deters house sparrows from entering Blue Bird houses. (They kill B B adults and eggs and babies.) It uses fishing line strung along the sides of the entrance hole which apparently the sparrows do not like or cannot pass by to enter the hole.
    Without the great variety of beautiful birds we have it would be a very sad, quiet environment.

  4. Thanks for the info on Birds in WNY and Niagara Frontier. I am a casual beginner in this area. I have bird feeders in my yard and also include flowers that attract birds. Being a novice I welcome any info on this topic.

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