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Please enjoy these garden, nature and news photos from our readers. If you would like to share a photo, attach it to an email and send it to me at Please include some information about what we see in the photo to help me as I write the caption.

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flower show in Orchard Park
The Orchard Park Garden Club sent along photos from their Flower Show and Garden Walk that was held July 20-21, 2019.
bird house in Orchard Park
Photo courtesy Orchard Park Garden Club
planter in Orchard Park
Photo courtesy Orchard Park Garden Club
flower growing in crack in driveway
“My name is Lisa Lewis and I live in Canton,Ms. I just had to send my picture in. I have a plant growing from a crack in my driveway. I don’t know where it came from. I did have two hanging baskets that were petunias I think, but this plant that is growing is a totally different plant from that which was in the hanging basket. I had a problem taking care of them because the sun shines directly on my porch. Each day I would come home only to see them scorched from the sun. So I decided to give the baskets to my sister. Months later I notice beautiful flowers growing through a crack in my driveway. Call me crazy but I thought of this church song, Emmanuel meaning God is with us. I mean a plant growing from out of nowhere, just the right amount of sunlight and rain.”
garden at Clearfield Library Amherst
Here are a couple of images of the gardens at the Clearfield Library in Amherst after work done by the Town and Country Garden Club. The members removed vines and weeded. Photo courtesy Town and Country Garden Club
plants surrounding Clearfield Library sign
The plants surrounding the sign at the Clearfield Library in Amherst look great after work done by members of the Town and Country Garden Club. Posted Sept. 8. 2019


entrance to the trading post Olde French castle Fort Niagara
The Youngstown Garden Club created Christmas decorations for Old Fort Niagara, a National Historic Landmark and New York State Historic Site. This is the entrance to the trading post in the building called the French Castle. These photos were sent to me by Garda OKeefe of the Youngstown Garden Club.
great hall garland by Youngstown NY Garden Club
The Youngstown Garden Club festoons Old Fort Niagara with greens and garland. “They’re handmade on site every year on a cold winter morning,” said Garda OKeefe of the Youngstown Garden Club. “It is a wonderful sight to see!” Here is a garland in the Great Hall.
fireplace decorated by Youngstown NY Garden Club at Old Fort Niagara
This fireplace at Old Fort Niagara looks festive with decorations created by the Youngstown Garden Club.
Johnson Room dining hall decorated by Youngstown NY Garden Club
The Johnson Room dining hall is decorated for Christmas by the Youngstown Garden Club. These photos are from 2011.
mantle in the boulangerie by Youngstown NY Garden Club
The mantle in the boulangerie, or bakery, at Old Fort Niagara, was decorated by the Youngstown Garden Club.
mantle detail by Youngstown NY Garden Club
Here is a detail of a mantle decoration created by the Youngstown Garden Club for Old Fort Niagara.
daisy in November in Buffalo NY area
Linda writes: “This daisy photo was taken on Nov. 1, 2011. A lovely late surprise.”
pink yarrow from Maria Gleason in Niagara Falls NY
After seeing Carrie Hoffman’s photo (below), which was taken after Thanksgiving, “I decided to take a stroll around my garden to see what I could find,” said Maria Gleason of Niagara Falls. “Almost everything was done blooming except my pink yarrow!” This photo was taken on Dec. 13. “It sure has been a beautiful fall for us gardeners!” she adds.
Carrie Hoffman flower blooming in December Cheektowaga NY
Our long and warm autumn meant that many of us were able to enjoy blossoms in our gardens even past Thanksgiving. Carrie Hoffman of Cheektowaga captured this photo of a flower budding on Dec. 2. It has since bloomed, and our recent snow meant the end of flowers on that plant. Carrie also spotted a rose budding in mid-November, but it never fully opened.
Tina Schlau orchid photo in December 2011
Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga shared this stunning photo of an orchid.
orchid from Tina Schlau
Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga shares a photo of one of the orchids she purchased this spring at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. “I have three different ones that are blooming right now,” she said. “It is so nice to have some flowers blooming in the house, since there are so few blooming outside right now.”
African violets from Tina Schlau
“I can’t believe my African violets are still so happy,” said Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga on Nov. 9, 2011.
orchid in Buffalo NY
No, that’s not a tiny bird peeking out of a nest. It’s an orchid! Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga took this photo of Paph. Spicerianum at the 2011 spring Orchid Show at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.
toad lily in Cheektowaga NY
Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga grew this toad lily in her garden this summer. “I tend to gravitate to the different plants,” she said.
It’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labor! “My grapes this year were plentiful and sweet; great jam and wine,” said Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga.
St Johns Wort in Cheektowaga NY
“This is from my St.John’s Wort plant,” said Tina Schlau of Cheektowaga. “It is such a different looking flower.”
bee on flower in Amherst NY
A bee is silhouetted against the star-shaped center of a hibiscus flower as it looks for food in this photo from Ann M. Bednarek of Amherst. “It’s amazing how hard these little insects work,” Bednarek said.
ant on flower in Amherst NY
An ant makes its way across the vast expanse of petals of a hibiscus flower in the garden of Ann M. Bednarek in Amherst.
Ann M. Bednarek of Amherst captured this cool shot of this spider on its web while she and her husband were enjoying a bonfire in the yard Oct. 9.
clematis on trellis in Clarence NY
This clematis is lush and full on the trellis in this September 2011 photo taken by Maxine Osiewicz in Clarence.
yard of the week in Youngstown, NY
Congratulations to the latest Yard of the Week winner in Youngstown. Ann Davis has a small, manicured yard in front of her pretty home and she creates a lovely welcome with beautiful hanging baskets and gorgeous containers on the porch.
Youngstown NY Yard of the Week Stanisz
In Youngstown, the Garden Club teams up with the village to give special recognition to residents who display a welcoming and attractive front yard. This week’s selection is the teamwork of Kevin and Dawn Stanisz. He says he does the landscaping and she does the gardening. Speaking of teams, their garden also displays their support for Dawn’s Yankees and Kevin’s Raiders. Way to go!
Youngstown Yard of the Week -- Vanone
The Vanones are the most recent winners of the Yard of the Week Award from the Youngstown Garden Club. Their pretty front yard calls, “Welcome!” to their friends and neighbors in Youngstown. Stacked stone and lake rocks edge the gardens leading right up to a shady seat on the front porch.
water lilies in East Amherst NY
A spider web sparkles among the water lilies in the pond of Maxine Osiewicz of East Amherst.
Lotz garden Youngstown Yard of the Week
Paul Lotz says he buys the plants, but his wife makes the garden beautiful! It was named Yard of the Week by the Youngstown Garden Club. While so many gardens are fading in the heat, this one is shining in the sun!
Judy Lewis Yard of the Week in Youngstown
Judy Lewis loves working in her garden, a bright spot in her pretty Youngstown neighborhood. She was the winner of the Youngstown Yard of the Week award for the week of Aug. 5.
Mike Barrie's snake plant
My son-in-law, Mike Barrie, sent me a photo of the snake plant I gave him a few years ago. It’s doing much better under his care than it ever did when I had it, and it is even blossoming. You can see a close-up of the flower at right.
Mike Barrie snake plant blossom
Here’s a close-up of the flower on Mike Barrie’s snake plant.
Youngstown Garden of Week Wisinski
Mayor Neil Riordan announced the YoungstownYard of the Week at the Summer Concert Series on Friday, July 29. Congratulations goes out to theWisinski Family!
Youngstown Yard of the Week
Julie Jericitano was a winner of the Youngstown Yard of the Week in July. Everything in her pretty front yard says, “Welcome!” She and her daughter planted a lovely little memorial garden as a tribute to her husband who passed away last year. Even with the heat that week, her plantings look fresh and lovely.
Debbie Hageman roses
Debbie Hageman of 73 Grant St., Lancaster, shared photos of her summer garden. We wrote an article this spring when she asked what she should do about a rose that was damaged during the winter. Our expert’s advice was to tape it. Unfortunately, that rose didn’t make it. However, these roses are doing great. The photo was taken in July.
Pergola in Lancaster NY
When the weeding is done, it’s time to relax under the pergola. Photo from Debbie Hageman in Lancaster.
Old Fashion Bike in Lancaster NY
An old fashioned bike serves as a garden ornament for Debbie Hageman in Lancaster.
pond in Cheektowaga NY
Chet Okonczak of Cheektowaga shares this photo of his pond, where a little boy enjoys a lazy summer day. That vibrant red flower is a canna.
squirrel and fox Glenn Krisher
Glenn Krisher snapped this photo on the first day of summer 2011 in Youngstown. Glenn has a resin fox in his backyard, and though it looks quite real, it didn’t fool this squirrel for a minute. The squirrel fearlessly hopped on the fox’s head and calmly ate his lunch.
rose from Jennifer Hunt 1
Jennifer T. Hunt visited the Rose Garden in Delaware Park on Sunday, June 19 and snapped a few pictures with her phone. “Everything is in bloom,” she said. “Absolutely gorgeous!”
roses from Jennifer Hunt 2
Photo by Jennifer T. Hunt.
rose from Jennifer Hunt 3
Photo by Jennifer T. Hunt.
pond from Glenn Krisher 2
Glenn Krisher took these photos Wednesday, June 15 in his garden in Youngstown. “My garden is a work in progress; never ending,” he said.
pond from Glenn Krisher
Glenn Krisher said he tried to make the setting around his small pond more relaxed than formal. It looks quite tranquil!
foxglove from Glenn Krisher
Foxglove brightens Glenn Krisher’s garden. You call also scroll down to see photos he took this winter at Old Fort Niagara.
Larch in spring by Nadine Catalano
This photo and the photo below were submitted by Nadine Catalano, a Master Gardener of Erie County . The photos show the “new hues of green on my Japanese Larch, Larix kaempferi,” she said. “I love the softness of the needles and the contrast in the new/old pine cones.”
Second photo of larch in spring by Nadine Catalano
Hetrick waterfall
You may remember reading about the many statues Janice Hetrick uses in her Lancaster garden. After we published the article on May 24, she sent us a photo of her completed waterfall. I just had to share it!
Akron Falls photo
Sunshine, flowing water and snow capture the essence of early springtime in this photo from Don Coling and Dianne Vertes. They captured this shot at Akron Falls Park in Akron.
Stone Wall Stumble & Fall
These photos from Connie Cordero tell the story of their stacked stone wall, which was built in August 2007. This pile of rocks is what remained after the ground shifted and the wall fell in April 2010. Connie named this photo “Stone Wall Stumble & Fall.”
wall with Clematis Madame Julia Correvon
Here is Connie Cordero’s wall in all its glory, surrounded by clematis ‘Madame Julia Correvon,’ which was planted in the summer of 2008.
Stone Wall Rise & Stand
This photo from Connie Cordero is named “Stone Wall Rise & Stand.” They restacked the stones; the wall doesn’t use any mortar.
snow covered tree trunk in Amherst NY
These next several photos are from Diane and Ian Cox of Amherst. In this photo, wind-swept snow forms marvelous patterns on a tree trunk.
frozen cobwebs
This shot of frozen cobwebs reminds us how we can find beauty during the large swings in temperature that mark springtime in the Buffalo area. This photo is from Diane and Ian Cox of Amherst.
view from bedroom closet in Amherst NY
This photo from Diane and Ian Cox was taken from their bedroom closet!
looking toward golf course in Amherst
The sunrise over a golf course in Amherst is captured in this photo from Diane and Ian Cox.
Spring Flower show 08 by Kathleen Struckle
Kathleen Struckle captured the delicate petals of this tulip during the 2008 spring flower show at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.
Spring Flower Show by Kathy Struckle
Tulips bob in this photo from Kathy Struckle.
Lilly and her Yellow Sister by Kathleen Struckle
Kathleen Struckle titles this photo, “Lilly and her Yellow Sister.”
amaryllis by Kathleen Struckle
This amaryllis looked very different during Night Lights at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Photo is by Kathleen Struckle.
red palm by Kathy Struckle
A palm bristles with sinister spikes in this photo by Kathy Struckle.
violet fern by Kathy Struckle
A fern looks feathery in this photo from Night Lights by Kathy Struckle.
Happy Spring photo by Kathy Struckle
Kathy Struckle spends quite a bit of time at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. She took this photo of a tulip during last year’s spring flower show. She calls her photo “Happy Spring.”
Spring Bliss by Kathy Struckle
“Spring Bliss” by Kathy Struckle.
Yellow Ruffles by Kathy Struckle
Kathy Struckle calls this image “Yellow Ruffles.”
paper flowers by Kathy Struckle
Kathy Struckle says these are called paper flowers.
garden statue holding snow
This cheery snowman statue seems to be offering us an overflowing basin of snow. Floyd Baker has titled his photo, “Is This Enough?”.
snow-covered tree in Cheektowaga
Tom Mazur of Cheektowaga sent in these next four photos, all taken with a cell phone camera! His camera is 3 megapixels, which is all you need to take good photos. Just 10 years ago, the best digital cameras you could buy had only 3 megapixels. This bush is in his yard on Ridge Park Ave.
This and the next three photos by Tom Mazur were taken in the United German and French Cemetery on Pine Ridge Rd., Cheektowaga.
winter scene in Cheektowaga cemetery
Photo by Tom Mazur of Cheektowaga.
winter scene in cemetery
Photo by Tom Mazur of Cheektowaga.
Pearl Street in Buffalo
This photo from Tom Mazur was taken near the Hyatt on Pearl near Mohawk in Buffalo. He says he has purchased a 12-megapixel Panasonic camera that he will carry around with him more often when the weather breaks.
Fort Niagara by Glenn Krisher 1
Winter doesn’t have to be bland. This scene at Fort Niagara, submitted by Glenn Krisher, is saturated with color. Posted Feb. 3, 2011
Fort Niagara by Glenn Krisher 2
The clouds nearly obscuring the sun add drama to this photo at Fort Niagara submitted by Glenn Krisher.
winter wonderland from Cindy Berebko
Shrubs resemble frosted cupcakes in this photo from Cindy Berebko that she calls “Winter Wonderland.” Posted Feb. 2, 2011
Heavy December snow was captured in this photo from Cindy Berebko.
Christmas tree outside
Christmas garlands and snow decorate this tree in a photo submitted by Cindy Berebko.
rhododenren and blueberry bushes in East Amherst
Rhododendren and blueberry bushes in the garden of Maxine Osiewicz in East Amherst. Jan. 24, 2011
azalea bush in East Amherst garden
Deer netting catches the snow as it protects an azalea in Maxine Osiewicz’s garden. She says that unfortunately part of the net protecting the nearby rhododendron fell “and the deer ate the shrub to the nubs.” Jan. 24, 2011
Ornamental crabapples in the garden of Maxine Osiewicz.
Ornamental crabapples in the garden of Maxine Osiewicz.
Snow-covered trees in the yard of Maxine Osiewicz.
Snow-covered trees in the yard of Maxine Osiewicz







owl in tree from Glenn Krisher in Youngstown NY
Look closely to see the owl tucked away in the round hollow located high up in this tree at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstownm NY. Glenn Krisher said, “I tried for some time to get a picture of this owl. Every time he saw me he went back into the tree. Finally I was able to snap this quick shot. Have been back several times but he seems to be gone now.” Posted Jan. 7, 2014.

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