tri-colored bumble bee

Help scientists track native pollinators

You can contribute to the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey to help scientists see which native pollinators are common and which may be declining. Native pollinators play an important role in the pollination of flowering plants, including native plants, wildflowers, garden plants and cultivated crops. The survey is targeting native bees, flies, beetles and moths. The Participant Handbook describes different ways you can participate. One of the ways is as a photographer. You don’t need a fancy camera, and you don’t even have…

petunias, ranunculus and other cool-weather plants

Plant some things now; others have to wait until after last frost—or longer

by Connie Oswald Stofko Here is a question that I received from a reader: Hello, I saw that the last frost for my area (in Hamburg) is possible as late as May 22; should I really wait so long to plant anything?  Mariely Ann Ortiz Actually, there are lots of things you can plant outside right now! But some things have to wait until after the last frost — or even longer. And that date you have of May 22…

Seven-sons tree in Western New York

Choosing trees for your landscape

by Connie Oswald Stofko When we think of plants for our landscape, we often forget about trees. With Arbor Day coming up on Friday, April 26, we turn our attention to these huge plants that we sometimes don’t notice. How to choose a tree People need to know what they want out of a tree before they choose a tree for their landscape, said Tom Draves, president of Draves Arboretum, 1821 Sharrick Road, Darien. Draves said some of the things…

coloful shed on Garden Walk Buffalo

Garden Walk Buffalo expands; sign up your garden by May 15

May 15 is the deadline to sign up to share your garden on Garden Walk Buffalo. New this year: the Parkside and Park Meadow neighborhoods are part of Garden Walk Buffalo! Garden Walk Buffalo previously extended from the Niagara River to Main Street and from Canalside to the Scajaquada. Now the walk will also include the Park Meadow and Parkside neighborhoods from Nottingham Terrace to Amherst Street and from Elmwood Avenue to Main Street as well as the area bound by…


Woodchucks are difficult to control; try a rope fence & urine

by Connie Oswald Stofko Maxine Osiewicz of Clarence watched last year as woodchucks decimated her dahlias. “You could see the woodchucks slapping the stems down and eating all the leaves,” she said. Woodchucks (also known as groundhogs) can damage trees and shrubs, too. Woodchucks gnaw or claw woody vegetation, according to a factsheet by Paul  D. Curtis and Kristi L. Sullivan that was produced by Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Wildlife Damage Management Program. Woodchucks also strip bark at the…

Seed-starting tips & more help from Master Gardeners

You started some seeds inside and watched them grow into healthy seedlings. Soon after, they were dead. This sudden death is “damping off,” and it can be prevented. Find out how to avoid damping off in an article by Carol Ann Harlos in this month’s edition of WNY Gardening Matters. It’s produced by the Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension in Erie County. In addition to the article on damping off, in this edition of WNY Gardening Matters you will…

rows flowers Goodman's Niagara Falls

Find plants, gardening services in WNY

People often ask me how I can offer subscriptions to for free. The answer, of course, is that this great online magazine is supported by local businesses and organizations who want to connect with gardeners. That means that when you’re looking for gardening products and services, this website is a great place to start. Not only can you find wonderful merchandise and services, but these folks are right here in Western New York! Check out the ads that you see…

vendors at Lewiston GardenFest

Gardeners & vendors sought for Lewiston GardenFest

To be a vendor at the Lewiston GardenFest, the deadline is May 1. If you’d like to share your garden, the deadline is May 14. The Lewiston Garden Club will hold the Lewiston GardenFest from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16 on Center Street in Lewiston. The event is seeking vendors who sell items related to gardening, horticulture and the outdoors, including nurseries, landscapers, garden artists, builders, and others. Vendor applications are due by…

rose climbing on trellis

Prune roses when forsythia blooms, but don’t cut back climbing roses

Here are two tips from the Western New York Rose Society on pruning and planting roses. Tip #1: Don’t prune or plant roses too soon. Wait until you see forsythia blooming in your neighborhood. When you see those yellow blossoms, you will know it’s the perfect time to start planting and pruning your roses. From Steve Styn, Western New York Rose Society Rosarian Tip #2: Don’t cut back your climbing roses. Just trim the brown tips off in the spring. …

Congratulations to the three lucky winners of our $200 prize package!

by Connie Oswald Stofko Please help me congratulate the three lucky winners in our recent drawing held by They are: Nancy McCrae of Elma Carl Yerkovich of Lakeview Freda Peisley of Rochester The names were drawn at random. Everyone who was subscribed to by March 26– even those who signed up years ago– were entered into the drawing. I’m happy to have so many new subscribers, and I love my loyal readers, too! Each of the winners receives a $200…

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