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Field and Forest Products has been supplying gardeners with superior certified organic spawn, mushroom kits, and cultivation supplies for over 35 years. Give us a call at (800) 792-6220 for a free catalog and talk to our knowledgeable staff Monday – Friday, 8 – 4 CST, or visit our information-packed website. Be sure to also browse our blog, Mushrooming Together, for mushroom cultivation advice, recipes, and a reflection of a typical day in the life on our farm. Enjoy!


golden mushrooms on poplar logs
Golden oyster mushrooms growing on poplar logs. Photo courtesy Field and Forest

Add Character to Your Garden with Edible Gourmet Mushrooms

Interested in growing your own mushrooms? Western New York has a great climate for cultivation, so make room in your garden, flower pots and the shady corners of your yard for the most delicious, colorful and healthful mushrooms on the planet!

You can grow them outdoors on woodchip mulches, wood logs, straw or compost.






Grow Mushrooms Indoors with Table Top Farms

mushrooms grown on table
Table Top Farms from left are shiitake, reishi and oyster mushrooms. Photo courtesy Field and Forest

Table Top Farms are convenient indoor grow kits that can be placed on the kitchen table, counter or anywhere that receives ample indirect lighting. Yes! These mushrooms prefer light—not all mushrooms grow well in the dark. After a quick set-up, the kit will need light misting with a spray bottle every day or two. Within a few weeks mushrooms begin to grow. Kits can p­­­­roduce 4-5 times over a 3-month period, yielding 1.5 – 3 pounds of delicious, fresh mushrooms. We run Table Top Farm specials throughout the year.