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9580 Route 39 Springville, NY 14141
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Need someone to do the heavy lifting? Chevalier Outdoor Living can help! Patios, water features, walkways, walls, pergolas, fireplaces and pits, even outdoor ovens—we’ll lay the foundation of your outdoor space. Jobs large or small, with our full-service landscape design, installation and property maintenance services, we make Outdoor Living a breeze! Contact us to get started today!

We are a proud member of PLANT WNY (the Professional Landscape & Nursery Trades of WNY), the presenter of Plantasia. We are raising the standards!—We employ Certified Nursery & Landscape Professionals (CNLP).

Chevalier created this outdoor kitchen with a brick pillared structure. The central feature is a brick pizza oven. It also includes concrete countertops and a stamped concrete patio.
Imagine having a secluded garden retreat like this one with a partial-shade garden and organic gravel paths.


Lawn aeration is one of Chevalier’s many lawn health and maintenance services.